188th Gebirgsjager Division

Formed: January 3rd, 1944
Mobilized: (?)
Wehrkries: XVIII
Home station: Innsbruck
Division composed of:

  • 901st Gebirgsjager Regiment
  • 902nd Gebirgsjager Regiment
  • 903rd Gebirgsjager Regiment
  • 904th Gebirgsjager Regiment
  • 1088th Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment
  • 1088th Pioneer Abteilung
  • 1088th Signals Abteilung
  • 1088th Administrative and support units

History and Campaigns:

  • The 188th Gebirgsjager Division was formed from the 188th ReserveGebirgsjager Division. The Division spent its time as the 188thGebirgsjager Division fighting in Yugoslavia, where it surrendered to theYugoslavs in May, 1945.

Schematische Kriegsgliederung (A detailed officallisting of the divisions locations):

DateCorpsArmyArmy GroupArea
12.43 – 2.44reserveCNorth Italy
3.44 – 7.44reserveArmee-Abt. ZangenCNorth Italy
8.44Adriat. Küstenland14. ArmeeCAdriatic
9.44Adriat. KüstenlandCAdriatic
10.44 – 12.44LXXXXVIICAdriatic
1.45 – 2.45LXXXXVII10. ArmeeCAdriatic
3.45LXXXXVII10. ArmeeCIstrien
5.45LXXXXVIIOB SüdostIstrien

Fate: Surrendered to the Yugoslavs in May, 1945.