Unit Emblems

16.Panzergrenadier-Division Emblem  


    • Kommandant von Münster
    • 16.Infanterie-Division
    • 16.Infanterie-Division (mot)
    • 16.Panzergrenadier-Division


The 16.Panzergrenadier-Division was formed from the 16-Infanterie-Division (mot) in June, 1943 whileit was stationed on the Eastern Front.

The Division was transferred to the newly reconstituted 6.Armee in thespring of 1943. It did not participate in the Battle of Kursk, but wasinvolved in the retreat from the Mius River and suffered heavy casualtiesduring the fighting around Zaporozhe and the Dnieper battles,1943-1944.

Partially destroyed in Russia in 1944, the 16.Panzergrenadier-Division wastransferred to France in March and later reformed along with the 179.Panzer-Division (Reserve) into the 116.Panzer-Division.


Panzergrenadier-Regiment 60
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 156
Panzer-Battalion 116
Artillerie-Regiment 146
Panzer-Aufklärung-Abteilung 116
Flak-Abteilung (Heer) 281
Panzerjäger-Abteilung 228
Pioneer-Abteilung 675
Nachrichten-Abteilung 228
66th Divisional Supply Units

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

DateCorpsArmyArmy GroupArea
6.43 – 7.43Reserve6. ArmeeSüdMius, Taganrog
8.43XXIV6. ArmeeSüdMius, Taganrog
9.43XXXX1. Pz. ArmeeSüdZaporoshe
10.43XVII1. Pz. ArmeeSüdZaporoshe
11.43 – 12.43LVII1. Pz. ArmeeSüdKrivoi Rog
1.44 – 2.44XXX6. ArmeeSüdNikolajevka
3.44XXIX6. ArmeeAUman