Unit Emblems

12.Grenadier-Division Emblem  


  • Wehrgauleitung Schwerin
  • Infanterieführer II
  • 12.Infanterie-Division
  • 12.Grenadier-Division


The 12.Grenadier-Division was formed in August of 1944 at TruppenbungsplatzGruppe from the original 12.Infanterie-Division after it wasdestroyed while in the region of Armeegruppe Mitte in June, 1944.

The designation of 12.Grenadier was only temporary as it was redesignated asthe 12.Volksgrenadier-Division in October, 1944.

It is notable that this re-fitted formation was, in the fifth year of the war,not only established with a strength of some 14,800 men, but was also fullyequipped – a very rare circumstance considering the late stage of theconflict, and Germany’s dwindling resources.

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