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WW2 German Hospital Ship - Lazarettschiff B (Robert Ley)


WW2 German Hospital Ship Photo - Lazarettschiff B (Robert Ley)
Robert Ley as a Hospital Ship "B" in 1939/40

Mar 29, 1938 Launched.

Mar 24, 1939 Commissioned.

1939 Served as a KdF (Strength through Joy) ship.

May, 1939 The Robert Ley sailed with the KdF ships Stuttgart, Der Deutsche, Wilhelm Gustloff, and Sierra Cordoba, and the non-KdF ship Oceana. They were taking part in the transport of the Legion Condor from Spain back to Germany after the successful defeat of the Republican forces by Franco's Nationalist's.

May 24, 1939 The ships of the transport fleet arrived in Vigo, Spain, and unloaded large amounts of medical supplies and other materials that were given to the Spanish Social Help organization.

May 26, 1939 The Legion Condor loaded on the ships of the transport fleet in Vigo harbor. The Robert Ley took on 1416 men.

May 30, 1939 The ships, including the Robert Ley, arrived in German waters and were escorted into Hamburg harbor by a number of German vessels, including the yacht Hamburg and the armoured ships Admiral Graf Spee and Admiral Scheer.

Aug 25, 1939 Entered service in the Kreigsmarine (converted by Techn. Betrieb HAL, Hamburg) as Lazarettschiff B

Nov 22, 1939 Decommissioned.

1940 Served as an accommodation ship for the 1.Unterseeboot-Lehr-Division, Neustadt

1940 Served as an accommodation ship for the 21.U-boot Flotilla, Neustadt

1942 Served as a garrison ship.

July 29, 1944 Served as a VTS (VTS = Verwundeten-Transportschiffe/Transport ships for wounded and sick soldiers during large evacuations).

Sept 9, 1944 Served as an accommodation ship for the 1.Unterseeboot-Lehr-Division/II.Abteilung, Hamburg-Finkenwärder

Jan, 1945 Took part in the massive transport of refugees from the Eastern Territories.

Mar 9, 1945 Hit by bombs during a RAF raid on Hamburg and was heavily damaged (most sources put the date as March 24, 1945, but the air raid was on March 9th.

June 1, 1947 Scrapped in the UK.

WW2 German Hospital Ship Drawing - Lazarettschiff B (Robert Ley)


Name: Robert Ley
Type Disel-electric Passenger Liner
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Howaldt, Hamburg
Launched 29.3.38
Commissioned 24.3.39
Weight, metric tons 20874
Weight, BRT 27288
Length, meters 203,80
Width, meters 24,00
Depth, meters 7,56
Engines Six MAN 2-stroke 6cyl diesels,
Six Siemens-Schuckert electric,
2 shafts
Horsepower, HP 12800 effective
Speed, knots 15,5
Range, nautical miles
12030 at 15 knots (using 1857t oil)
Patients (beds)/Medical staff 504/?
Crew (officers,men) 20,145
Armament None
Owner Deutsche Arbeitsfront, Hamburg