Lazarettschiffe Alexander von Humboldt

Hospital Ship Alexander Von Humoldt Photo
Hospital Ship Alexander Von Humoldt in 1940

Mar 28, 1940 Launched.

Aug 20, 1940 Commissioned.

1940 Completed as Lazarettschiffe Alexander Von Humboldt. Listedas Lazarettschiff G, but it never actually used that designation. Servedwith Fleet Train North (TSV-N).

1942 Served under the Admiral Polarküste, Field PostNumber 33254.

June 24, 1944 Bombed while in Wesermünde by USAAF andsunk.

post-1945 Raised and repaired.

1948, S/fi (Pickett Flottia) Alexander von Humboldt = BSX 442.

July, 1962 Scrapped in Hamburg.

Hospital Ship Alexander Von Humoldt Drawing
Hospital Ship Alexander Von Humoldt Drawing


Name:Alexander von Humboldt
TypeFishery research ship
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Rickmerswerft, Wesermünde
Weight, metric tonsabout 1200
Weight, BRT550
Length, meters57,90
Width, meters9,20
Depth, meters4,20
EnginesOne 3cyl triple acting expansion engine,
1 shaft, 1 boiler
Horsepower, HP1000 induced
Speed, knots12,5
Range, nautical miles
Patients (beds)/Medical staff56/?
Crew (officers,men)20 total
und Hafenamt Wesermünde