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SS-Panzer-Brigade "Gross"


This unit was formed on 8 August 1944 from elements of the SS Panzer Troop Training and Replacement Regiment at Dondangen, Latvia, along with SS Panzer Troop Training Regiment '"Seelager". By 16 August, the brigade had attained a personnel strength of 2500 and was attached to a new and temporary Divisional Command: Panzer-Division Strachwitz.

The entire formation first went into action against the Soviet 51st Army units in and around the town of Tuckem on 20 August. In September, Brigade Gross was detached from Pz.Div.Strachwitz and dispatched to the Dorpat area to counter another Soviet offensive. The brigade fought in the Baltic area during September to October 1944.

In November the unit was withdrawn from the Baltic and sent to the Waffen SS Troop training Area Sennelager near Danzig, Prussia. From there it was sent to another training area in Westphalia. There the brigade was broken up and its sub-units were used as replacements for the 6th Panzer Army.


Aufklarungs-Abteilung with a Kradschutzen-Kompanie, an armored car company and a RAD/Kettenrad company. Panzer-Abteilung with two companies with a total of 10-15 Pz.III's and Pz.IV's. Two Panzer Grenadier Battalions each with four SPW companies. Two Artillery Batteries form the 19.SS-Div. s.SS-Pz.Kp.(assigned on 15 August 1944 from s.SS-Pz.Abt.103) Kp/ss-StuG-Abt.1 a provisional Pioneer company with a mot pioneer platoon and an armored rocket launcher platoon. Flak Company with four platoons (the platoons came from the Luftwaffe and from SS-Flak Battalion 54)


Martin Gross