Leicht Kreuzer Koln

WW2 German Light Cruiser Koln Photo
Light Cruiser Koln Photo


07 Aug, 1926: Laid down

23 May, 1928: Launched

15 Jan, 1930: Commissioned

1934: Torpedoes converted to 533mm.

01 Sep, 1939: Attached to Reconnaissance Forces, of Naval Group Command Eastwith Nurnberg and Leipzig.

02 Sep, 39: Reconnaissance Force transferred to North Sea.

03-20 Sep, 1939: Participated in laying of Westwall mine barrage in NorthSea with Nurnberg, Leipzig, Konigsberg and Emden, 16xDD 10xTB & 3xML

08 Oct, 1939: Sortied with Gneisenau, and 9xDD up the Norwegian coast tolure the Home Fleet as a target for air attacks.

21-22 Nov, 1939: Reconnaissance Force, Lutzow, Leipzig, Koln, and 3xTBoperated against merchant shipping in Skagerrak.

24-25 Nov, 1939: Reconnaissance Force, Lutzow, Leipzig, Koln, 5xDD and 4xTBoperated against merchant shipping in Skagerrak.

13 Dec, 1939: Koln sortied with Leipzig and Nurnberg to meet destroyermining force in North Leipzig and Nurnberg both damaged in asubmarine attack.

07 Apr, 1940: Koln, Konigsberg with Bremse and 2xTB formed Group 3 for theinvasion of Norway. Their objective was Bergen.

1940: Assigned to Baltic. 88mm battery augmented to 4 twin mounts.

23 Sep, 1941: Baltic Fleet (Tiripitz, Admiral Sheer, Koln, Nurnberg, 3xDDand 5xTB sailed from Swinemunde to Aaland Sea to block possibleattempt by Soviet units to escape

29 Sep, 1941: Units returned to Gotenhafen.

12-13 Oct, 1941: Koln with 4xTB and 7xMS executed operation Westfalen, afeint to mislead Soviets about landing locations on Dago Island.

13 Oct, 1941: Soviet SS Shch 323 attacked Koln unsuccessfully.

14 Oct, 1941: Koln shelled Cape Ristna on Dago.Torpedo armament reduced to six tubes and catapult removed.

Aug, 1942: Sailed to Narvik via Oslo

Jan, 1943: Koln with Admiral Hipper and 3xDD left Altafjord for transfer toGermany.

25 Jan, 1943: Koln arrived at Narvik

30 Jan – 2 Feb, 1943: Koln based temporarily at Trondheim to patrol Skagerrakfor blockade runners.

8 Feb, 1943: Koln arrived at Kiel.

Spring, 1943: Decommissioned for refit and towed to Konigsberg.

Oct, 1944: Recommissioned and operated as Flag Destroyer in waters aroundDenmark and Southern Norway. Used to train cadets and as an escortvessel.

13/14 Dec 44: Koln attacked by RAF bombers in Oslofjord. Damaged by nearmisses.

Dec, 1944: Emergency repairs effected in Oslo.

Jan, 1945: Returned to Wilhelmshaven.

3 Mar, 1945: Damaged by RAF attack at Wilhelmshaven

30 Mar, 1945: Koln sunk by USAAF B-24s at Wilhelmshaven

6 Apr, 1945: Decommissioned, although some guns remain above water and shewas used as a defence battery.

1946: Broken up.

Displacement, standard/full load (tons):6,650/8,130
Length, oa, wl:174/169m
Machinery: 2 shafts,geared turbines, 6 boilers, 65,000shp, 32 knots,2 diesels,
1,800bhp, 10 knots,diesels only
Max Armor, Belt/deck/turrets/CT:63/38/32/102mm
Main Battery: 9x150mm/60C28 (5.9″)
Anti Air Battery: 2×88/45,8×37/83 C30, 4x20mm C30 (3.46″, 1.45″)
Torpedo: 12x500mm(4×3) (19.7″)
Aircraft: 2
Crew: 850