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6th Gebirgsjager Division

Formed: June 1th, 1940
Mobilized: (?)
Wehrkries: XVIII
Home Station: Landeck
Division composed of:

I,II,III Abteilung/141st Gebirgsjager Regiment
I,II,III Abteilung/143rd Gebirgsjager Regiment
I,II,III,IV Abteilung/? Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment
112th Reconnaissance Abteilung
47th Panzerjager Abteilung
91st Pioneer Abteilung
91st Signals Abteilung
91st Divisional support units

History and Campaigns:

The 6th Gebirgsjager Division was formed on June 1st, 1940 when the the remaining men from 139th Gebirgsjager Regiment of the 3rd Gebirgsjager Division that did not take part in the Invasion of Norway were supplied to form the 141st Gebirgsjager Regiment. The 2nd Regiment of the 6th Gebirgsjager Division was the 143rd Regiment, which was originally intended to be used in the formation of the 4th Gebirgsjager Division, but was stood down after the Campaign in France. The Artillerie Regiment of the Division was gathered from many other of the Gebirgsjager Divisions.

Interestingly, the 6th Gebirgsjager Division was raised and formed before the the 4th and 5th Gebirgsjager Divsions. Records show the 6th being ready for combat as early as June 13th, 1940.

The 6th initially spent time doing occupational duty in France, and was then sent to take part in the Campaign in Greece where it played an important role in breaking the Metaxas Line. It then helped in taking Athens, along with the 2nd Panzer Division. Parts of the 6th also saw brief action in Crete.

After Greece fell, the Division stayed on occupation duty until September, 1941 when it was sent to Norway. Later, the Division was sent to Lappland where it spent a good deal of the War. When the Axis pulled out of Lappland in late 1944, the 6th Gebirgsjager moved back into Norway, where it stayed until it surrendered to the British in May, 1945.

Schematische Kriegsgliederung (A detailed offical listing of the divisions locations):

Date Corps Army Army Group Area
7.40 XVIII 12. Armee C Lothringen
8.40 X 9. Armee A France
9.40 - 10.40 VIII 9. Armee A France
11.40 X 9. Armee A France
12.40 XXXX 12. Armee B Poland
1.41 XXXX 17. Armee B Poland
2.41 reserve 17. Armee B Poland
3.41 - 8.41 XVIII 12. Armee - Greece, Athens
9.41 - 10.41 reserve Armee Norwegen - North Finland
11.41 - 1.42 Gebirgskorps Norwegen Armee Norwegen - Lappland, Murmansk
2.42 - 6.42 Gebirgskorps Norwegen Armee Lappland - Lappland, Murmansk
7.42 - 11.42 Gebirgskorps Norwegen 20. Gebirgs-Armee - Arctic coast
12.42 - 12.44 XIX 20. Gebirgs-Armee - Arctic coast
1.45 - 4.45 Narvik 20. Gebirgs-Armee - Norway

Fate: Surrendered to the British in May, 1945.