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Unit Emblems

  132.Infanterie-Division Emblem    132.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


  • Balkans 1941
  • Eastern Front 1941-1945


The 132.Infanterie-Division was formed on October 5th, 1940 as a part of the 11th Wave. It was formed from parts of the 27.Infanterie-Division, the 263.Infanterie-Division and the 268.Infanterie-Division.

The 132.Infanterie-Division first saw action in the Balkans Region on anti-partisan and security operations, moving through the areas of Marburg/Drau-Cilli-Agram-Banja Luka to the area of Sarajevo. The Division was relieved by the 718.Infanterie-Division in late May of 1941. After security duties in the occupied areas of the Balkans, the Division was transfered to the Eastern Front in preperation for the planned attack on the Soviet Union.

During the Invasion of the Soviet Union the 132.Infanterie-Division advanced through Lemberg, Ostrog/Rowno, Shitomir and other areas until it arrived in the area of Kiev. It took part in the fighting at Jusefowka, Berejaslaw and Jerkowzy, and later paused near the region of Cherson-Perekop at the start of the Crimea. After taking part in the advance into the Crimea in November of 1941, the Divisions main service was during the siege of the Soviet fortress of Sevestapol at the southwestern base of the Crimean Peninsula. The Division took part in not only the seige but also the assault into the city itself and helped to crush the Russian defenses and take the vitally important city. The 132.Infanterie-Division fought in the Crimea from November 1941 until September of 1942, when it was transfered to Armeegruppe Nord.

After seeing action in the Crimea region, in September of 1942, the 132.Infanterie-Division was shifted to the Leningrad Front where it became a part of the 18.Armee which was attempting to break through the lines around the city. It fought in the Mga positions, at Gaitolowo and Tschernaja. It help positions against the Pogostje Pocket, and fought at Smerdynia as well. Unlike Sevestapol though, Leningrad held and in 1944 the 132.Infanterie-Division was eventually forced into a series of withdrawls and retreats, finally ending the War in the Kourland Pocket, trapped by the rapidly advancing Soviets until its surrender in May of 1945.


Order of Battle
Infanterie-Regiment 436
Infanterie-Regiment 437
Infanterie-Regiment 438
Artillerie-Regiment 132
Division-Füsilier-Batallon 132
Panzerjäger-Abteilung 132
Pionier-Bataillon 132
Nachrichten-Abteiliung 132
Sanitäts-Abteilung 132
Feldersatz-Bataillon 132

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

Dates Korps Armee Armeegrupp Area
11.40 L 2. Armee C Landshut
12.40 - 2.41 LI 2. Armee C Landshut
3.41 LV 2. Armee C Landshut
4.41 - 6.41 LI 2. Armee - Yugoslavia
7.41 XXXIV - OKH South Russia
8.41 IV 6. Armee Süd Kiev
9.41 XXXIV 6. Armee Süd Kiev
10.41 reserve - Süd Nikolayev, Krivoi-Rog
11.41 - 12.41 LIV 11. Armee Süd Perekop, Crimea
1.42 LIV 11. Armee Süd Crimea
2.42 - 5.42 XXX 11. Armee Süd Kertsch
6.42 - 7.42 LIV 11. Armee Süd Sevastopol
8.42 XXXXII 11. Armee A Kertsch
9.42 XXXXII Krim A Kertsch
10.42 XXX 11. Armee Nord Leningrad
11.42 - 5.43 XXVIII 18. Armee Nord Leningrad
6.43 reserve 18. Armee Nord Leningrad
7.43 - 11.43 XXVIII 18. Armee Nord Leningrad
12.43 - 1.44 VIII 16. Armee Nord Newel
2.44 I 16. Armee Nord Opotschka
3.44 X 16. Armee Nord Opotschka
4.44 reserve 16. Armee Nord Opotschka
5.44 - 6.44 L 16. Armee Nord Polozk
7.44 II 16. Armee Nord Dünaburg
8.44 - 9.44 X 18. Armee Nord Latvia
10.44 reserve 16. Armee Nord Riga
11.44 II 18. Armee Nord Courland
12.44 Tomaschki 16. Armee Nord Courland
1.45 X 18. Armee Nord Courland
2.45 X 18. Armee Kurland Courland
3.45 - 4.45 I 18. Armee Kurland Courland

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