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SS-Freiwilligen-Legion Flandern

  • SS-Freiwilligen-Standarte "Nordwest"
  • SS-Freiwilligen-Verband Flandern (Landesverband Flandern)
  • SS-Bataillon Flandern
  • SS-Freiwilligen-Legion Flandern
  • History In April and May, 1941, Flemish volunteers arrived in Hamburg, Germany. They had signed up to serve in the SS-Standarte "Nordwest", and were incorporated in the 1, 6 and 8 Flemish companies. After a short basic training, they went to Radom, Poland, and then to Debica for further training.

    Formed in July 1941 in Radom, it was also known as the SS-Freiwilligen Verband Flandern and as the Flandern Bataillon. It later became a full regiment known as the SS-Freiwilligen Verband Nordwest, which, in turn, became two battalions of the Freiwilligen Standarte Nordwest.

    In September, 1941, it became the independent SS-Freiwilligen Legion Flandern, standing as a reinforced infantry battalion with five motorized companies.

    On November 10th, 1941, the Legion marched to the front near the region of Nowgorod. It then had 1112 soldiers, 950 of them were Flemish, and of the 950, 14 were Flemish officers.

    In May 1943 it was formed into the SS-Freiwilligen-Sturmbrigade "Langemarck"

    The following is a brief overview of the Legions Kriegstagebuch (War Record). An extremely detailed listing of the Legions Kriegstagebuch will follow this listing.

    Battles in the Wolchow-region:
    11.41 - 12.7.41: Attacks an Tischwin and Wolchowstroy, with fighting's in Tischwin.
    11.41 - 12.27.41: Retreating to the Wolchow-river.
    12.25.41 - 12.27.41: Defense Fighting along the Wolchow-river
    1.13.42 - 5.21.42: Repulsing the Russian Wolcho-offensive (Russian Reliefe of Leningrad)
    1.13.42 - 2.27.42: Phase 1, defending the frontline.
    2.28.42 - 5.21.42: Phase 2, closing the encirclement.
    5.22.42 - 6.27.42: Phase 3, destroying the enemy in the Wolchow-region.

    Trench fighting at Leningrad:
    8.27.42 - 9.3.42: First counter attack south of the Ladoga-see
    1.12.43 - 3.31.43: Second counter attack south of the Ladoga Sea. South of Kolpino and at the surrounding of Pogostschje.

    At this point the legion leaves the front and travels to Debica and Milowitz, to be reformed to the SS-Freiwilligen-Sturmbrigade "Langemarck".

    Detailed Kriegstagebuch of the 1.Kompanie/Legion Flandern

    Detailed Kriegstagebuch of the 2.Kompanie/Legion Flandern

    Detailed Kriegstagebuch of the 3.Kompanie/Legion Flandern

    Detailed Kriegstagebuch of the 4.Kompanie/Legion Flandern

    Detailed Kriegstagebuch of the 5.Kompanie/Legion Flandern

    Schellong awarding the EK1

    Award document for winter combat against Leningrad

    Freiwilligen Verband Flandern
    Field Post Numbers
    F.-P.-Nr 44853
    F.-P.-Nr 44853
    F.-P.-Nr 44853
    F.-P.-Nr 44853

    Freiwilligen Legion Flandern
    Field Post Numbers
      Stab Kompanie
    4.schwere Granatwerfer-Kompanie
    F.P.-Nr 44853A
    F.P.-Nr 44853A
    F.P.-Nr 44853B
    F.P.-Nr 44853C
    F.P.-Nr 44853D
    F.P.-Nr 44853E
    F.P.-Nr 44853F
    Commanders April 1941 - July 1941: SS-Standartenführer Reich (Nordwest)
    July 1941 - April 1942: SS-Sturmbannführer Lippert
    April 1942 - June 1942: SS-Standartenführer von Lettow-Vorbeck (Represented by SS-Hauptsturmführer Hallmann)
    June 1942 - July 1942: SS-Obersturmbannführer Fitzhum
    July 1942 - May 1945: SS-Obersturmbannführer Schellong

    Staff of the Legion on 10 November 1941

        Commander Stubaf. Lippert
        Adjutant Ustuf. Steffen
        Ordannance officer Stubaf. Bohez
        Intentant Ostuf. Seipold
        Medic Ostuf. Dr. Prix
        Medic aid Ostuf. Michel
        Paymaster Hscha. Odoj
        Dentist Ustuf. Hepburn

    Commanders 1.Komp./SS-Freiw.Legion Flandern

        Ostuf. Nussbaum
        Ostuf. Van der Smissen
        Ostuf. Deicke
        Ustuf. Lagast
        Ustuf. Harder
        Ustuf. Mahrenholz.

    Commanders 2.Komp./SS-Freiw.Legion Flandern

        Ustuf. Breymann
        Ustuf. Vieweger
        Ustuf. Müller
        Ustuf. Hoffmann
        Ustuf. Breymann
        Ustuf. Ritzau
        Ustuf. Marteson
        Ustuf. Delbaere
        Ustuf. Ritzau
        Ustuf. Tupuchies

    Commanders 3.Komp./SS-Freiw.Legion Flandern

        Ustuf. Moyen
        Ustuf. Kühlbach
        Ustuf. Kahrl
        Ustuf. Köhn
        Ustuf. Harder
        Ustuf. Kahrl
        Ustuf. Vogel

    Commanders 4.Komp./SS-Freiw.Legion Flandern

        Ustuf. Neuhäuser
        Ustuf. Polsterer
        Ustuf. Weingärtner
        Ustuf. Moyen
        Ustuf. Delbaere
        Ustuf. Weingärtner

    Commanders 5.Komp./SS-Freiw.Legion Flandern

        Ustuf. Weingärtner
        Ustuf. Dethier
        Ustuf. Fürst
        Ustuf. Dethier