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Kriegsabzeichen für Minesuch-, U-Bootsjagd- und Sicherungsverbände
War Badge for Minesweepers, Sub Hunters, and Security Vessels

Date Instituted:
August 31st, 1940
Awarded To:
Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine or Handelsmarine for service on Minesweepers, Sub-Hunters or Security Vessels.
Required Qualifications:
  • Individual made 3 operational sorties, or
  • Individual was wounded on any sortie, or
  • His ship was sunk in action, or
  • A particular sortie was highly successful, or
  • For excellence in duty over 180 days, or
  • For hazardous duty in a mined area, or
  • For performing 25 days of escort duty
  • First Awarded:
    November 28th, 1940
    Number Awarded:
    Currently unknown, although it is likely that thousands were awarded.
    This badge was awarded almost exclusively in one version, the version shown, although it appears a higher grade existed consisting of the same design but with a set of 9 diamonds in the branches of the swastika at the top in place of the normal swastika. Such a version would only have been awarded in extreme cases to very deserving individuals. A cloth version of the normal issue badge was also issued for wear on the dark blue naval uniform.
    Method of Wear:
    Worn on the lower part of the left brest pocket of the naval service tunic, underneath the Iron Cross Ist Class if awarded, or equivalent grade award.
    Also awarded post-1943 to members of the Luftwaffe Marine-Sicherungs-Verbände.

    Kriegsmarine Minesweeper Badge