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Lazarettschiffe Latona

History March 15, 1937 Launched.

May 16, 1937 Commissioned.

Sept 3, 1940 Entered Kriegsmarine service as the Hospital Ship Latona for use during the planned Invasion of England.

Nov 16, 1940 Decommissioned.

1940 Again into service as Navigation School Ship Nautik.

1945 British accommodation ship in Kiel.

June, 1948 Returned to owner.

1962 Scrapped.
Name: Latona
Type M/S
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Schiffbau-Ges. "Unterweser" AG., Wersermünde
Launched 15.3.37
Commissioned 16.5.37
Weight, BRT 1126
Length, meters 76,15
Width, meters 10,57
Depth, meters 4,08
Engines Two MAN 4-stroke 6cyl diesels,
2 shafts
Horsepower, HP 1020 effective
Speed, knots 12
Range, nautical miles
5000 at 12 knots using 100t oil
Patients (beds)/Medical staff 103/13
Crew 19
Armament None
Owner DSG. "Neptun", Bremen