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German Armed Forces Research 1918-1945


Name: Konstanz
Type S/S
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
John Cockerill, Hoboken
Launched 4.03
Commissioned 1903
Weight, metric tons 1890
Weight, BRT 1426
Length, meters 74,70
Width, meters 10,08
Depth, meters 4,20
Engines One 3cyl expansion engine,
1 shaft, 2 boilers
Horsepower, HP ?
Speed, knots 13
Range, nautical miles
? at 13 knots using coal
Patients/Medical staff 238/35
Crew ?
Armament None
Owner G. M. Embiricos, Piräus
History completed as Russian S/S Tschernomore; 1920's Greek Eleni; stranded 6.41 in Suda Bay; towed free and repaired; into service as the German hospital ship Konstanz, Marine-Gr. Süd; seized by the British 19.5.43 in the Gibraltar Straits; fate unknown.