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Lazarettschiffe Graz


Hospital Ship Graz, former Greek training ship

Jan 28, 1927 Launched by the Greek Navy.

1927 Completed as the Greek Naval school ship Ares.

May, 1941 Seized by the Germans in Salamis Bay, Greece.

May 15, 1941 Into Kriegsmarine service as a hospital ship.

Nov 28, 1941 Renamed as the Lazarettschiffe Graz.

Dec 5, 1942 Graz struck mine at 06.15hr while off Cani Island, 10nm northeast of Bizerta, and sunk.
Name: Graz
Type 3-mast schooner
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Forg. & Chant. de la Mediterranée, La Seyne
Launched 28.1.27
Commissioned 1927
Weight, metric tons 2200
Weight, BRT -
Length, meters 77,00
Width, meters 12,00
Depth, meters 4,50
Engines One 3cyl expansion engine,
1 shaft, 1 boiler, 1600 m² sails
Horsepower, HP 1000 induced
Speed, knots 10
Range, nautical miles
? at 10 knots using coal
Patients/Medical staff 299/38
Crew ?
Armament None
Owner Greek Navy