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Name: Göttingen
Type T/P
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Arsenal de la Marine, Brest
Launched 4.8.21
Commissioned 1921
Weight, metric tons 5014
Weight, BRT 4565
Length, meters 111,28
Width, meters 15,02
Depth, meters 5,40
Engines Two Rateau Turbines,
2 shafts, 6 boilers
Horsepower, HP 6400
Speed, knots 19
Range, nautical miles
? at 19 knots using 200t oil
Patients/Medical staff 458/?
Crew ?
Armament None
Owner Ministère de la Marine Marchande (Cie. Generale Transatlantique), Le Havre
History completed as French T/P Gouverneur Général Grévy; 22.12.42 German accommodation ship, Marseille; 6.1.43 to Italy: Avezzano; 9.43 German; on 15.6.44 began conversion to the hospital ship: Göttingen; on 17.8.44 released for use as a blockship, still incomplete; scuttled 31.8.44 in Marseille; raised 9.4.45 and was scrapped.