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Lazarettschiffe Claus

History beached 22.1.18 at Öland, and sunk; later raised and repaired; entered service on 14.8.40 as a water carrier, 25. U-Flotilla, Danzig; hospital ship 4.9.40, TSV-N; 18.11.40 decommissioned; 13.3.41 tender Schwalbe, Ubootabnahmekommando, Kiel; 16.5.42 navigation school ship Nadir; 30.11.46 RN tug pool, Kiel; 1951 Claus (Wagner); scrapped 1955.
Name: Claus
Type S/S
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Stettiner Oderwerke, Stettin
Launched 7.07
Commissioned 1907
Weight, BRT 302
Length, meters 42,28
Width, meters 7,42
Depth, meters 2,75
Engines One 3cyl expansion engine,
1 shaft, 1 boiler
Horsepower, HP 250 induced
Speed, knots 9
Range, nautical miles
1830 at 9 knots using 52t coal
Patients (beds)/Medical staff 64/?
Crew ?
Armament None
Owner Rud. Chr. Gribel, Stettin