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Festung-Division "Warschau"

History Ordered formed on 1.12.45, the Festung-Division "Warschau" (Warsaw) was formed in Warsaw by converting a number of various units (listed below) into the division. The fate of the division is uncertain, but with the capture of Warsaw by the Russians it was no doubt destroyed and its remains were either captured or they fled back into Germany. However, it was officially disbanded on 2.27.45.
General Compostion
Festung.Infanterie-Regiment 8
Festung.Infanterie-Regiment 88
Festung.Infanterie-Regiment 183
Artillerie-Regiment 1320
Pioneer-Abteilung 67
Nachrichten-Kompanie (mot.) 669
1320th Divisional Support Units

For a very detailed breakdown of this units organiztion, click here.
Commanders Generalleutnant Friedrich Weber, 1.??.45 - 1.25.45
??, 1.25.45 - 2.27.45
War Service
Not Listed in the Schematische Kriegsgliderung