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Research on the German Armed Forces 1918-1945


Unit Emblems



  • Wehrgauleitung Schwerin
  • Infanterief├╝hrer II
  • 12.Infanterie-Division
  • 12.Grenadier-Division
  • 12.Volksgrenadier-Division





    Notable Points



    The 12.Volksgrenader-Division was formed in October, 1944 from the 12.Grenadier-Division, a temporary designation given to the 12.Infanterie-Division that was destroyed in July, 1944.

    The newly formed 12.Volksgrenadier-Division was dispatched west to the I.SS-Panzerkorps for the Ardennes Offensive of December 1944. US Army Intelligence attributed it to be the best infantry formation in the 6.Panzerarmee at the time. The division aquitted itself well in the ensuing battles, but was forced into the general retreat of German forces from the Ardennes salient as the offensive petered out.

    Later attached to the II.SS-Panzerkorps as 6.Panzerarmee was diverted to Hungary, the 12.Volksgrenadier-Division fought at the Roer river against the advancing US 9th Army, and eventually found itself encircled in the Ruhr pocket along with the rest of Heeresgruppe B in April 1945. It's last commander, Generalmajor Ernst Konig, surrendered at Wuppertal on April 18, 1945.


    Fusilier-Regiment 27
    Grenadier-Regiment 48
    Grenadier-Regiment 89
    Artillerie-Regiment 12
    Artillerie-Regiment I./48
    Fusilier-Flak-Abteilung 12
    12th Divisional Support Units


    Knights Cross Holders

    War Service

    10.44 LXXXI 7. Armee B Aachen, H├╝rtgenwald
    11.44-12.44 LXXXI 5. Pz. Armee B Aachen, Ardennen
    1.45 Reserve 6. Pz. Armee B Ardennen
    2.45-3.45 LVIII 15. Armee B Eifel, Roer
    4.45 LVIII 5. Pz. Armee B Ruhrkessel


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