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Lineage Original PzAOK

  • LXXXX.Armeekorps
  • 5.Panzer-Armee

    Reformed PzAOK in 1944

  • Panzergruppe West
  • 5.Panzer-Armee
  • History Original PzAOK

    The 5.Panzer-Armee was formed on December 8th, 1942 in North Africa from the majority of the not fully organized LXXXX.Armeekorps.

    After formation, the 5.Panzer-Armee took part in the following operations: Nov 1942, creation of the Tunisian bridgehead and defensive operations southwest of Matur, Dec 1943, battles to enlarge the bridgehead and advance to the east of Tebessa, Feb 1943, defence of the Mareth Line and in western Tunisia, Mar 1943, defence of the Mareth Line in the Maknassy-El Guettar area and retreat to the Chott positions and defence, Apr 1943, retreat to the Enfidaville positions and defences west of Tebourba, May 1943, defence west of Bizerta and Tunis.

    On May 12th, 1943, the 5.Panzer-Armee capitulated to the Allies.

    Reformed PzAOK in 1944

    On August 5th, 1944 the 5.Panzer-Armee was reactivated from Panzergruppe West.

    After its reactivation, the 5.Panzer-Armee took part in the following operations: Aug 1944, Normandy battles and later encirclement in the Falaise pocket, fighting in the area of Compiagne and Mons, retreat with heavy losses to Trier on the German border, Sep 1944, heavy fighting in the Lunaville area in Lorraine, Oct 1944, positioned near Duren, Nov 1944, Battles for Aachen, and defenece of the Hurtgen Forest, Dec 1944, Ardennes offensive, Battle of Bastogne and Houffalize, Jan 1945, defence of the West Wall after retreat through Belgium, Feb 1945, defensive battles and retreat to the Roer river, fighting between the Roer and Rhine rivers, Mar 1945, Defence of the Remagen bridge over the Rhine, Apr 1945, defensive battles in the Ruhr Pocket.

    The 5.Panzer-Armee capitulated to the Allies on April 17th, 1945 while in the Ruhr pocket.
    Major Units Original PzAOK

    1943 Jan 334, 10 Pz, General Göring
    Feb 334, 10 Pz, General Göring, 1 Superga (Italian)
    Mar 334, 10 Pz, 21 Pz, General Göring, 1 Superga (Italian)
    Apr 334, General Göring, 1 Superga (Italian)
    1943 May Corps Group Weber, 334, 10 Pz, General Göring, Reserves - von Manteuffel

    Reformed PzAOK in 1944

    1944 Feb Reserve, Army Group D
    May Reserve, OKW
    Jun Reserve, Army Group B
    Aug LVIII, LXXIV, LXXXI, LXXXVI, SS I, SS II Reserves - 275
    Nov LXXXI, LXXXVI, SS XII Reserves - 526
    Dec XXXXVII, LXXXI, SS XII Reserves - 246, 526, 10 SS Frundsburg
    1945 Jan XXXIX, XXXXVII, LVII Reserves - SS I
    Mar LXVI, LXVII, LXXIV, Botsch
    Commanders Original PzAOK

    Gen.Obst. Hans Jürgen von Arnim 12.03.42 - 3.09.43
    Gen.d.Pz.Tr. Gustav von Vaerst 3.09.43 - 5.09.43

    Reformed PzAOK in 1944

    Gen.d.Pz.Tr. Heinrich Eberbach 8.05.44 - 8.29.44
    Gen.d.Pz.Tr. Hasso von Manteuffel 9.10.44 - 3.09.45
    Gen.Obst. Josef Harpe 3.09.45 - 4.17.45
    War Service Original PzAOK

    Army Group
    1.43 - 2.43 Ob.Süd Nord Afrika
    3.43 - 5.43 Heeresgruppe Afrika Nord Afrika/Tunisia

    Reformed PzAOK in 1944

    Army Group
    8.44 Heeresgruppe B West
    9.44 Heeresgruppe G West
    10.44 - 4.45 Heeresgruppe B West

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