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  • Greece, Crete 1941
  • Occupation of Crete 1941-1942
  • Eastern Front 1942-1943
  • Italian Front 1943-1944
  • Western Front 1944-1945
  • History The 5.Gebirgsjäger-Division was formed in the Autumn of 1940 with the 100.Gebirgs-Regiment from the 1.Gebirgsjäger-Division. At the time, the 1.Gebirgsjäger-Division had three Gebirgs-Regimenter, and the third was detached and supplied for the creation of the 5.Gebrigsjäger-Division. The 10.Infanterie-Division also supplied the 85.Infanterie-Regiment when it was upgraded to a motorized division. The other units of this Division were supplied from both the 1.Gebirgsjäger-Division and the 10.Infanterie-Division.

    Initially, the 5.Gebirgsjäger-Division was inactive in Germany for many months until it was posted to take part in the invasion of Greece in March of 1941. After operations in Greece, the Division was airlanded into Crete where it took part in the battles to secure the island from the British that had retreated from Greece. The Division played a significant role in helping to secure the island from the Allies.

    After the Battle for Crete and occupation duties, the Division was posted back to Germany for rest and refitting. After time in Germany, the 5.Gebirgsjäger-Division was sent to the Eastern Front to take part in operations against Leningrad in the Volkhov region. Specifically, in March 1942 the division arrived in the Leningrad area where it was to remain until November 1943. During that time the division was used essentially as a "fire brigade" for the 18th Armee, serving at various times on the Volchov front, near Mga, near Schlüsselburg, and on the Neva near Kolopino.

    After nearly a year on the Eastern Front, the Division was moved to Italy and in December 1943 the 5th arrived on the "Gustav Line" near Cassino. Late in the War the Division fought in the mountain region between France and Italy and then surrendered to the Americans near Turin in May, 1945.
    Order of Battle 1941
    Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 85
    Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 100
    Gebirgsjäger-Artillerie-Regiment 95
    Gebirgs-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 95
    Gebirgs-Aufklarüng-Abteilung 95
    Gebirgs-Pionier-Abteilung 95
    Gebirgs-Nachrichten-Abteilung 95
    Gebirgs-Sanitäts-Abteulung 95
    Gebirgs-Feldersatz-Bataillon 95

    Radfahr-Abteilung 95 and Panzerjäger-Abteilung 95 were exchanged for Radfahr-Abteilung 68and the Panzerjäger-Abteilung 48 from the 3.Gebirgsjäger-Division. Both units from the 3.Gebirgsjäger-Division never actually joined the Division though, and they soon both became Armeetruppen. Later, another Panzerjäger-Abteilung 95 was formed and added to the Division.
    War Service
    10.40 forming Wehrkreis XVIII - Home
    11.40 - 2.41 XVIII 2. Armee C Home
    3.41 - 10.41 XVIII 12. Armee - Greece, Crete
    11.41 refreshing BdE Wehrkreis V Home
    12.41 - 3.42 BdE Wehrkreis VII and XVIII - Home
    4.42 I 18. Armee Nord Leningrad, Volkhov
    5.42 - 7.42 L 18. Armee Nord Leningrad, Volkhov
    8.42 XXVIII 18. Armee Nord Leningrad, Volkhov
    9.42 XXVI 18. Armee Nord Leningrad, Volkhov
    10.42 XXVI 11. Armee Nord Leningrad, Volkhov
    11.42 XXX 18. Armee Nord Leningrad, Volkhov
    12.42 - 3.43 LIV 18. Armee Nord Leningrad, Volkhov
    4.43 - 11.43 XXVI 18. Armee Nord Leningrad, Volkhov
    12.43 reserve 10. Armee C Upper Italy
    1.44 - 5.44 XIV 10. Armee C Italy (south of Rome)
    6.44 - 7.44 LI 10. Armee C Italy
    8.44 reserve Armee Ligurien C Western Alps
    9.44 - 4.45 LXXV Armee Ligurien C Western Alps

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