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101. Panzer-Brigade

History The 101. Panzer-Brigade was first formed on 7.5.41 in France from Arbeitsstab für Aufstellung von Beute-Panzervernbänded. On 9.21.41, the 101. Panzer-Brigade was redeginated at the HQ of the 23. Panzer-Division.

Break in Unit History

On 7.21.44, the 101. Panzer-Brigade was reformed in Wehrkries I. In October of 1944, it was used to help rebuild the 20. Panzer-Division in Arys. The Brigade Stab became the Stab/Panzer-Regiment 21/20. Panzer-Division, the Panzer-Abteilung 2101 of the Brigade became the II./Panzer-Regiment 21/20. Panzer-Division, and the Panzergrenadier-Bataillon 2101 became a Jagd-Kommando in the 20. Panzer-Division.
Panzer-Regiment 203
Panzer-Regiment 204

Panzer-Abteilung 2101
1 Panzer Flak Zug
3 Medium Panzer Kompanie
Panzergrenadier-Bataillon 2101
Brigade support units numbered 2101