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100th Panzer Brigade

Formed: March 1st, 1941

Was created as a Stab (HQ) from the Stab of Panzer Brigade 8 for control of various Beute-Panzer Regiments (Captured tanks).

Composed of:

201st Panzer (Captured tank) Regiment
202nd Panzer (Captured tank) Regiment
301st Panzer Battalion

Fate: Formed and renamed into the Regimental Stab of the 100th Panzer Regiment on December 8th, 1942.

Formed 1.3.41 in France from Stab/8. Panzer-Brigade. Controlled the following units:

Panzer-Regiment 201
Panzer-Regiment 202
Panzer-Abteilung 301
Kompanieführerschule für Panzer-Truppen, Versailles (from 1943)
other various Panzer units formed in France

In 1943 redesignated General der Panzertruppen bei OB West (later Panzergruppen-Kommando West).

Replacement troops were provided by (to Stab/Brig. 100 only)

Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 100 in Schwetzingen, 28.4.42 Versailles

5.41 to 12.41 reserve under 1. Armee
6.42 under XXV. Corps/7. Armee
7.42 reserve under 7. Armee
all other dates in reserve OB West/Heeresgruppe D