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Use this page to submit a unit history for publication on!Any unit histories you contribute via this section will be reviewed andplaced online with full credit going to you personally! If additions aremade to your submission, the person with the largestcontribution will be listed first. A link will also be placed in thecontributers section of the site so that readers may jump directly to yourwork. You do not need to fill out all of the following sections, but theyare the main areas included for each unit history on the site – the moresections you complete, the more complete the unit history will be!

Unit history submissions help expose your research to a wide readershipwhile also helping to complete – thanks in advance for yourcontribution!

Unit History Example – 1.Infanterie-Division

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Units title or name – in German if known

Lineage – what units was it formed from over time

Traditions – does the unit have any historical traditions

Campaigns – an overview of the campaigns this unit fought

History – details of this units operational history

Organization – how was this unit organized

Commanders – who were the units commanders

War Service – month by month record of the units locations

Resources – what are the sources used for this information