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German Armed Forces Research 1918-1945

Rudi crossing the Atlantic for Germany in June, 1929

The peaceful city of Altomünster where Rudi grew up - here in 1950 after WWII had ended.

First Grade in Altomünster, Rudi is in the front row at the far left.

Rudi at right with his uncle behind his Grandfathers home.

Rudi in the German Jungvolk.

A Jungvolk parade, Rudi is located beneath the arrow.

A Hitlerjugend-Lager near Freising, July 10th, 1937. Arrow points to Rudi.

Rudi's highschool class during an outing in 1940, Rudi is marked with an "x" at the front, third from the right.

At a RAD-Lager, winter 1941-42. Rudi is located second from the left.

Rudi as a recruit in the 35.Panzer-Regiment during training at Bamberg in the summer of 1942.

Members of the Füher-Begleit-Bataillon at Hitlers headquarters near Rastenburg in East Prussia. In the background are their barracks.

The Führer-Begleit-Bataillon orderly room at Hitler's HQ at Rastenburg.

Rudi on leave with friends in Munich in 1944.

Two German Sturmgeschutz III's, Rudi's Stug is at right. Arrow points to Unteroffizier Hofmann, Rudi's commander.

Rudi sitting on his Stug III, number 41 - meaning 4th platoon, 1st tank - the platoon leaders vehicle.

A Pzkw III of Grossdeutschland near Rastenburg.

Rudi in Bartenstein, East Prussia, May 12th, 1943. Rudi is at right.

Rudi with a Grossdeutschland Pzkw IV. Rudi is on the left.
Rudi with his crew in front of their Pzkw IV. From left to right: tank commander, loader, radio operater/machine gunner, driver, and gunner. Rudi was the gunner and is the fifth man from the left. This photo was taken in 1943, just prior to manuvers with the unit.
Members of Grossdeutshland in Austria the day before the end of WWII.
In a POW camp near Brixen, Austria. Notice that everyone is in good spirits - as they should be; they served faithfully and surived the most brutal war in human history.

Rudi in 1948, just prior to returning to the US.

Rudi in the US Army, here at For Bevoir in 1949 in the HQ Company of the School Battalion.

"In memory of our Dead of the 35th Panzer regiment" - a memorial to the fallen of this unit during WWII...

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