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German Armed Forces Research 1918-1945

Lazarettschiff Rostock


Rostock as a Hospital Ship 1944-45

Oct 19, 1922 Launched.

1923 Completed.

Feb 11, 1940 Captured by the French in the Atlantic, named St. Maurice.

June, 1940 Captured again by the Germans in Brest, renamed Rostock.

May 20, 1941 Put into service as Sperrbrecher 19.

Aug 11, 1944 Decommissioned and began conversion to hospital ship, still named Rostock.

?? Captured by MTB 696 and 713 (Free French Forces) off Lorient, renamed St. Maurice.

1955 Served under Costa Rica now named Azur.

1957 Served under Italy renamed Monte Pellegrino.

1964 Served under Panama now named Marhonda.

June 26, 1969 Sunk near Suez during the Egyptian-Israeli fighting.
Name: Rostock
Type S/S
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Schiffswerft & Masch.-Fabrik, Hamburg*
Launched 19.10.22
Commissioned 1923
Weight, BRT 2542
Length, meters 100,22
Width, meters 13,80
Depth, meters 5,73
Engines One 3cyl expansion motor,
1 shaft, 2 boilers
Horsepower, HP 1450 induced
Speed, knots 10
Range, nautical miles
5230 at 10 knots using 812t coal
Patients (beds)/Medical staff ?/?
Crew 32
Armament None
Owner August Cords, Rostock