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WW2 German Lazarettschiffe General San Martin

Lazarettschiffe General San Martin Photo
Thuringia (General San Martin) as pre-1939 Passenger Liner


Aug 12, 1922 Launched.

Jan 10, 1923 Completed as the turbine steamer Thuringia (Hapag).

1930 Refit for service to South American, renamed as the General San Martin.

Mar 18, 1934 The General San Martin was chartered by the Hamburg-South America Line.

June 30, 1936 The General San Martin was bought by the Hamburg-South America Line.

Jan 20, 1940 The General San Martin was commissioned into service in the Kriegsmarine as an accommodation ship for the 7.U-boot-Flotilla in Königsberg.

Jan 15, 1945 Accommodation ship for the 7.U-boot-Flotilla, now based in Kiel.

Mar 1, 1941 Accomodation ship for the 3.U-boot-Flotilla, based in Kiel.

Oct 1, 1941 Accomodation ship for the 8.U-boot-Flotilla, based in Königsberg.

Aug 1944 Accomodation ship for the 32.U-boot-Flotilla, based in Königsberg.

Jan 25, 1945 The General San Martin was used as a VTS (VTS = Verwundeten-Transportschiffe/Transport ships for wounded and sick soldiers during large evacuations), under Sanitätsamt Ost.

Apr 4, 1945 General San Martin served as a Lazarettschiff.

Jan - Apr, 1945 The General San Martin took part in 11 transport runs, rescuing a total of over 30,000 refugees and wounded/sick from the Eastern territories.

June 26, 1945 Decommissioned.

Oct 8, 1945 Handed over to Great Britian at Copenhagen.

1946 Renamed as the British troop transport Empire Deben.

Mar, 1949 Scrapped at Newport, Mon.


Name: General San Martin
Type T/P
Construction Yard (Yard No.) Howaldt, Kiel (610)
Launched 12.8.22
Commissioned 10.1.23
Weight, metric tons about 18100
Weight, BRT 11251
Length, meters 150,90
Width, meters 18,50
Depth, meters 8,50
Engines One BBC turbine 1 shaft, 5 boilers
Horsepower, HP 5300
Speed, knots 13,5
Range, nautical miles (Max.) 13000 at 13 knots (using 2500t oil)
Patients (beds)/Medical staff ?/?
Crew (officers,men) 164 total
Armament None
Owner Hamburg-Südamerikanische Dampfschiff-fahrts-Ges., Hamburg (HSDG)