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Content and Research Disclaimer

Thank you for visiting Feldgrau.com. Feldgrau is dedicated to the history and research of the German armed forces during the period between 1918-1945. Feldgrau.com is not about the politics of Nazism. The extensive use of symbols and images within this site is done so for historical purposes and should not be viewed as an attempt to glorify the tragic events WWII.

Feldgrau does not support in any way those who would condone or embrace individuals, groups and/or organizations that are intolerant, racist or violent. We do not support or endorce those that use the theme of WWII history to further their own political agenda.

Through simple photos and words Feldgrau hopes to preserve with an impartial and objective approach the history, both large and small, of the people, units, formations, and organizations of the period.

It is through education, study and research that one may come to their own conclusions about WWII and the German experience, those that do not attempt to do so are guilty of ignorance. Only through honest, objective and impartial research can one ever hope to understand the plight of so many millions of people during the Second World War.

This site is respectfully dedicated to all those who suffered and died during the most tragic war in human history, on all sides.

Let not the sacrifices of those Germans both living and dead who served rightly or wrongly, be forgotten. Let us never accept the condition of those deaths as tolerable. Let us never forget that so many died for such an unthinkable cause.