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Rudolph Salvermoser Post-WWII Interrogatories

Rudolph Salvermoser, A Grossdeutschland Veteran INTERROGATORY Regional Loyalty Board; FOURTH UNITED STATES CIVIL SERVICE REGIONAL OFFICE, Washington, DC (Executive Order 10241, The White House, 28 April 1951, signed Harry S. Truman) – Questions of the board to Rudolph Salvermoser and his answers Paragraph V. Information has been received to the effect that from September 1, […]

The 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany

The Dream Begins Olympic Village Public Image Opposition Media Winter Games Summer Games Olympia The saga of the 1936 Olympic games began on 26 May 1930. This was when the German Olympic Committee met with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Berlin to petition for the hosting rights to XI Olympic games; other applicant cities […]