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WW2 German Lazarettschiffe Rügen

Lazarettschiffe Rügen Drawing
Lazarettschiffe Rügen Drawing


Feb 21, 1914 Launched.

May 20, 1914 Completed.

Nov 21, 1914 Entered service with the WWI German Kaiser Marine. Served as a Hilfsstreuminendampfer in the Baltic Sea.

July 4, 1918 Served as an accommodation ship for the U-bootschule.

Mar 14, 1919 Given to the UK.

Apr 17, 1919 Returned to original owner.

Sept 25, 1939 Once again into service, this time in the Kriegsmarine as Lazarettschiff H, under Station Nord.

1942 Served under Station Ost.

Sept 30, 1945 The Rugen was decommissioned and sent to the UssR.

Mar 11, 1946 Renamed as the Ivan Susanin.

1960 Removed from the ship register.


Name: Rügen
Type S/P
Construction Yard (Yard No.) Stettiner Oderwerke, Stettin (644)
Launched 21.2.14
Commissioned 20.5.14
Weight, metric tons about 2500
Weight, BRT 2170
Length, meters 95,20
Width, meters 11,60
Depth, meters 4,20
Engines Two 3cyl triple acting expansion engines, 2 shafts, 3 boilers
Horsepower, HP 3200 induced
Speed, knots 15
Range, nautical miles (Max.) 1700 at 15 knots using 340t coal
Patients (beds)/Medical staff 240-400/?
Crew (officers,men) 45 total
Armament None
Owner R. C. Gribel, Stettin