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WW2 German Lazarettschiffe Monte Rosa

Hospital Ship Monte Rosa Photo
Monte Rosa post-1945 as British war prize. Hull is still white w/ green band,
as required by the Hague Convention on hospital ships North of Gibralter.


Dec 4, 1930 Launched.

Mar 21, 1931 Commissioned.

Mar 21, 1931 (??) Maiden voyage Hamburg-La Plata, South America.

Jan 11, 1940 The Monte Rosa was commissioned into service in the kriegsmarine as garrison ship for Luft I, in Kiel.

1942 Monte Rosa served as a transport ship for the Kriegsmarine between Denmark and Norway.

Oct, 1943 - Apr, 1944 Monte Rosa served as a repair ship during the repairs of the battleship Tirpitz in Norway.

1944 Monte Rosa served again as a troop transport ship, until it struck a mine.

Fall, 1944 Monte Rosa served as a VTS (VTS = Verwundeten-Transportschiffe/Transport ships for wounded and sick soldiers during large evacuations).

Jan 15, 1945 Monte Rosa was converted by MAUREB (Naval Equipment and Repair Store) in Swinemünde into a Lazarettschiffe.

Feb 16, 1945 Monte Rosa struck another mine, this time off Hela. Serious damage was inflicted aft, causing the ship to list and its engine room to flood. It was taken in tow to Gotenhafen where she was repaired with whatever materials were available. She then took on over 5,000 refugees and wounded and was again taken in tow, this time to Copenhagen.

May, 1945 Taken to Kiel.

Aug 1, 1945 Decommissioned.

Nov 18, 1945 Taken as a British war prize and fitted out as a troop transport ship.

1946 Renamed as the British troop transport ship Empire Windrush.

1950 Ship was refit, now 14,651 GRT.

Mar 28, 1954 While sailing in the Mediterranean near Cape Caxine off the Algerian coast (from Yokohama to England), the Empire Windrush (ex-Monte Rosa) experienced an explosion in its engine room which caused a fire, killing four. The passengers and crew abandoned the ship.

Mar 29, 1945 The ship sank while being towed by the British Destroyer Saintes.

Hospital Ship Monte Rosa Drawing
Hospital Ship Monte Rosa Drawing

Name: Monte Rosa
Type M/P
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Blohm & Voss, Hamburg
Launched 4.12.30
Commissioned 21.3.31
Weight, metric tons 19090
Weight, BRT 13882
Length, meters 159,70
Width, meters 20,05
Depth, meters 8,10
Engines 4 MAN 4-stroke 6cyl diesels,
2 shafts
Horsepower, HP 7000 effective
Speed, knots 14,3

Range, nautical miles

16450 at 14 knots (using 1700t oil)
Patients (beds)/Medical staff 2352/273
Crew (officers,men) 73 military, and ? civilians
Armament None
Owner Hamburg-Südamerikanische Dampfschiff-
fahrts-Ges., Hamburg