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Lazarettschiff Monte Olivia


WW2 Passenger Ship Monte Olivia
Monte Olivia pre-1939 as a Passenger Ship
Oct 28, 1924 Launched.

Apr 4, 1925 Completed.

Apr 23, 1925 Maiden Voyage Hamburg-La Plata, South America.

Oct 19, 1939 Sucssesfully broke through the Allied naval blockade after sailing from Santos, South America, and entered into Hamburg harbor.

Jan 4, 1940 The Monte Olivia was commissioned into service in the Kriegsmarine as an accommodation ship for the cruiser Nürnberg and Waldemar Kophamel, located in Kiel.

1941 Served as a garrison ship for MARS (Naval Store Depot) in Gotenhafen.

May 23, 1944 Served as a garrison ship for the 8.Kriegsschiffbau-Lehr-Abteilung, in Hamburg.

Feb 15, 1945 The Monte Olivia was converted by MAUREB (Naval Equipment Store) in Swinemünde into a Lazarettschiff, under Sanitätsamt Ost.

Feb - Apr, 1945 (??) Monte Olivia is thought to have taken part in the transport of refugees from the Eastern territories at some point during this time. Mined before the first operation as a hospital ship, and began repairs later in Kiel.

Apr 3, 1945 Bombed by USAAF while in Kiel and burned out.

June 12, 1946 Raised and broken up, completed 1948.

WW2 Passenger Ship Monte Olivia
WW2 Passenger Ship Monte Olivia


Monte Olivia
Type M/P
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Blohm & Voss, Hamburg
Launched 28.10.24
Commissioned 4.4.25
Weight, metric tons 19250
Weight, BRT 13750
Length, meters 159,70
Width, meters 20,05
Depth, meters 8,10
Engines 4 MAN 4-stroke 6cyl diesels,
2 shafts
Horsepower, HP 7000 effective
Speed, knots 14,3

Range, nautical miles

16450 at 14 knots (using 1700t oil)
Patients (beds)/Medical staff ?/?
Crew (officers,men) 73 military, and ? civilians
Armament None
Owner Hamburg-Südamerikanische Dampfschiff-
fahrts-Ges., Hamburg