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WW2 German Lazarettschiffe Hermia

Hospital Ship Hermia fitting out in 1940
Hospital Ship Hermia fitting out in 1940


Jan 21, 1909 Launched.

Feb 4, 1910 Commissioned.

Sept 1, 1940 Entered service in the Kriegsmarine as the Hospital Ship Hermia.

Nov 21, 1940 Taken out of service and renamed as the Adriana due to the fact that all Hospital Ships had to be renamed after their service because of their having been internationally registered as hospital ships.

Dec 29, 1940 Mined on the Elbe, near Freiburg; the wreck was later blown up.


Name: Hermia
Type S/S
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Flensburger Schiffbauges., Flensburg
Launched 21.12.09
Commissioned 4.2.10
Weight, BRT 997
Length, meters 68,98
Width, meters 10,15
Depth, meters 4,64
Engines One 3cyl expansion engine,
1 shaft, 2 boilers
Horsepower, HP 550 induced
Speed, knots 10
Range, nautical miles
? at 10 knots using 313t coal
Patients (beds)/Medical staff 61/?
Crew 16
Armament None
Owner Adolph Kirsten, Hamburg