Lazarettschiff A (Berlin)

WW2 German Hospital Ship The Berlin
The Berlin as Hospital Ship “A”

Mar 25, 1925 Launched as the Steamship Berlin of the NorthGerman Lloyd shipping line Bremen, Germany.

Sep 17, 1925 Completed.

Sep 26, 1925 The Berlin set out on her maiden voyage betweenBremerhaven-Southampton-New York. She continued to cruise this routebetween 1925 and 1939, when she was laid up (see below).

Nov 13, 1928 The Berlin comes to the rescue of the sunken Britishpassenger steamer Vestris (Lampert & Holt) off Virginia Capes, which sankduring a storm on the 12th of November. The Berlin takes on 23 survivors.

Oct, 1939 The Berlin is laid up at Bremerhaven in Germany.

May, 1939 The Berlin took part in KdF (Strength through Joy)cruises.

July 16, 1939 Began conversion to hospital ship after suffering aboiler explosion in Swinemünde.

Aug 23, 1939 Conversion to hospital ship completed, entered servicewith the Kriesgmarine as Lazarettschiff A, Sanitätsamt Ost.

1939 – Jan, 1945 At some point during this time, the Berlin servedin Norwegian waters, and is listed as having the Field Post Number07520.

Jan, 1945 Reference is made to the Berlin taking part in thetransport of refugees from the Eastern territories.

Jan 31, 1945 Mined off Swinemünde, and was put in tow for Kiel.Again hit a mine on the same day and sank (23.53 hr*, at position54°02,6 N/14°19 E, in shallow waters). No lives were apparentlylost, and all equipment had been salvaged by Feb 5, 1945, and the ship wasabandoned.

1948 Raised by UssR.

Sept 3, 1951 – May 2, 1957 Repaired at Warnowwerft, later enteredservice as the Soviet Admiral Nachimov.

May, 1957 Delivered to Soviet state shipping line, home port inOdessa, and placed into service in the Black Sea on the Odessa-Batumroute.

Sept 1, 1986, Sunk off Novorossiysk after collision with M/S PjotrWassjew (398 dead).

* all times are German times (CET) unless otherwise stated.

WW2 Lazarettschiff Berlin Drawing


TypeSteam Passenger Liner
Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack
Weight, metric tons23480
Weight, BRT15286
Length, meters174,30
Width, meters20,98
Depth, meters9,04
EnginesTwo 4cyl. triple acting expansion engines,
2 shafts, 6 boilers
Horsepower, HP12000 induced
Speed, knots16,5

Range, nautical miles

12500 at 16 knots (using 4115 t coal)
Patients/Medical staff400/?
Crews (officers,men)20,145
OwnerNorddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen