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WW2 German Panzerschiffe Deutschland/Lützow

02 May 29: Laid down as Panzerschiffe A, initially known as Ersatz Preussen.

19 May 31: Launched

01 Apr 33: Commissioned into the Kriegsmarine as the Panzerschiffe Deutschland.

24 June-30 Aug 36: Operations in Spanish waters

01 Oct-19 Nov 36: Operations in Spanish waters

31 Jan-24 Mar 37: Operations in Spanish waters

10 May-16 June 37: Operations in Spanish waters

29 May 37: While lying off the Spanish Island of Ibiza, along with the tanker Neptun and the torpedo boat Leopard, the Deutschland was attacked by two SB-2 Katiuskas flown by Soviet pilots, who supposedly thought the Deutschland was the Spanish flagship Canaris. The unidentified planes attacked the Deutschland with 3 bombs, two of which struck the ship, with the third sinking a picket boat along the Deutschland's boom. The attack killed 22 and wounded 83. After the attack, the Deutschland sailed to Gibralter where it disembarked the dead and wounded. While at Gibralter, 9 more sailors died, bringing the total dead to 31, while one more would die soon after, for a total of 32 killed by the bombing.
Historic Panzerschiffe Deutschland Memorial
Historic Panzerschiffe Deutschland Memorial

31 May 37: Reprisal attack on the Republican held town of Almeria by the Admiral Scheer, in retaliation for the attack on the Deutschland.

5 Oct 37 - 10 Feb 38: In Spanish waters

01 Aug - 15 Aug 38: In Spanish waters

20 Sept - 23 Oct 38: In Spanish waters

15 Nov 39: Reclassified as a Heavy Cruiser, and renamed Lützow.