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Narvikschild / Narvik Shield

Date Instituted:

August 19th, 1940

Awarded To:

Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe or Heer that participated in the Battle of Narvik during the Norwegian Campaign.

Required Qualifications:

  • Participation in the Battle for Narvik between April 9th, 1940 and June 9th, 1940.

First Awarded:

March 21st, 1941 - to GenObrst. Dietl

Number Awarded:

8,577 total


This badge was awarded in three versions, two silver versions and a gold version. Each version was issued on cloth backing for attachment to the uniform. The version shown here at right is an example of the gold tinted shield issued to members of the Kriegsmarine. The Kriegsmarine shield was issued on blue cloth backing. The two remaining versions of the Narvik Shield were for issue to members of the Luftwaffe and Heer. The Luftwaffe and Heer version were both silver, with the Luftwaffe version being issued on gray-blue cloth backing and the Heer version on field-gray cloth backing. Other than color and cloth backing, all three designs of the shield were exactly alike.

Method of Wear:

The Narvik Shield was worn on the upper left sleeve of the service, walking-out dress and guard uniforms of the respective arm of service of the individual. It was attached to the uniform using the cloth backing issued with each shield, but if the cloth backing was missing or not issued, it was attached to the upper left sleeve by a set of four prongs on the back of the shield. If a second shield was awarded to an individual, both shields could be worn, one above another seperated by 5mm of space.


The Narvik Shield was the first Campaign/Battle Shield designed and issued to the forces of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS during WWII. It was a relatively highly regarded award and was issued to a relatively small number of German soldiers. The nature of the struggle to maintain the lines around Narvik against very great odds created a very stong image of those who were awarded this shield. The design of the shield itself was a motif consisting of elements of all three branches of the Wehrmacht that took part in the Battle, the prop for the Luftwaffe airmen and Fallschirmjäger, the Edlweisse for the Heer Gebirgsjäger and the anchor for the naval and ground troops of the Kriegsmarine.
WW2 German Kriegsmarine Narvik Shield
Kriegsmarine version of the Narvik Shield
WW2 German Narvik Kampfer
"Narvik Kampfer"