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German Armed Forces Research 1918-1945

WW2 German Naval Smoke Battalions

Note: These units were used to lay smoke-screens over towns and harbors during an air attack.

1. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

  • Formed 7.42 in Gotenhafen, and on 1.44 moved to Trondheim with 2 companies.
  • In 11.44 the 2nd company was used to form 31.
  • Marine-Nebel-Abteilung in Bergen.1945 had 4 companies and Nebelträgergruppe Skansen.
  • Subordinated to Seekdt. Drontheim.

Possibly again in Gotenhafen from 11.44.

2. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 3.18.42 in Kiel from Luftschutz-Nebel-Abteilung der Kriegsmarine Brest, with 3 companies. 1944 had 4 companies and a Nebelträgergruppe.

Subordinated to Küstenbefehlshaber westliche Ostsee, later Admiral westliche Ostsee.

3. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 2.43 in Kiel-Surendorf, 5.43 to Lorient, 10.43 to Swinemünde, and 2.44 to Toulon with 2 companies (later 3). Destroyed in Toulon 8.44.

Subordinated to Seekdt. Bretagne, 10.43 Küstenbefehlshaber Pommern(?), and from 2.44 Seekdt. Französiche Riviera.

4. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 2.43 in Brest with 2 companies and a Nebelträgergruppe. Subordinated to Seekdt. Bretagne.

6. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 8.43 in St. Nazaire with 2 companies and a Nebelträgergruppe. Subordinated to Seekdt. Loire.

8. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 8.43 at the French Atlantic coast with 3 companies. 1944 losses at St. Nazaire, Nantes, Tours and Vogesen.

10. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 9.44 in Brunsbüttel-Zweidorf with 2 companies and a Nebelträgergruppe. Subordinated to Seekdt. Elbe-Weser (14. Marine-Flak-Regiment).

12. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 11.44 in Wesermünde-Cuxhaven. Subordinated to Seekdt. Elbe-Weser(?).

31. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 11.44 in Bergen from 2./1. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung. Subordinated to 31. Marine-Flak-Regiment.

34. Marine-Nebel-Abteilung

Formed 11.44 with only one battery. In 3.45 redesignated Marine-Nebel-Batterie T. No details.