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Leicht Kreuzer Leipzig

WW2 German Light Cruiser Leipzig Photo
WW2 German Light Cruiser Leipzig Photo


28 Apr, 1928: Laid down

18 Oct, 1929: Launched

08 Oct, 1931: Commissioned

1934: Torpedo tubes upgraded to 533mm

1935: Catapult added

1936: Fittled with 6x88mm/76 (3x2)

01 Sep, 1939: Attached to Reconnaissance Forces, of Naval Group Command East with Nurnberg and Koln.

02 Sep, 1939: Reconnaissance Force transferred to North Sea.

03-20 Sep, 1939: Participated in laying of Westwall mine barrage in North Sea with Nurnberg, Koln, Konigsberg and Emden, 16xDD 10xTB & 3xML

17-18 Nov, 1939: Reconnaissance Force Leipzig, Nurnberg and 2xTB met destroyer mining force near Terscheiling Bank in North Sea and escorted destroyers back to port.

18-19 Nov, 1939: Leipzig and 2xTB met destroyer mining force in North Sea and escorted destroyers back to port.

21-22 Nov, 1939: Reconnaissance Force, Lutzow, Leipzig, Koln, and 3xTB operated against merchant shipping in Skagerrak.

24-25 Nov, 1939: Reconnaissance Force, Lutzow, Leipzig, Koln, 5xDD and 4xTB operated against merchant shipping in Skagerrak.

13 Dec, 1939: Leipzig, Nurnberg and Koln sortied to meet destroyer mining force in North Sea. Two and a half hours prior to the rendezvous, RN ss Salmon attacked and hit Leipzig midships at 1124 hours. (and Nurnberg in her bow) causing severe damage to Leipzig. (at the time, the British believed she was sunk.)

14 Dec, 1939: While proceeding slowly to port, Leipzig was attacked again by RN SS Ursula off Heligoland. Two of the three torpedoes fired hit and sank F9 instead.

Dec, 1939: Laid up.

Jan, 1940: Transferred to Kiel for repairs. Converted to training ship; #2 boiler room made into dormitory. Speed reduced to 24 knots.

1941: Number of torpedo tubes reduced from 12 to 6.

16-17 Sep, 1941: Participated with Emden and 3xTB in attack on Moon Island and Dago in Baltic, supporting 61st Infantry Division with shore bombardment fire against Soviet ground forces on Sworbe Peninsula. Repeled attack by four Soviet MTBs and evaded torpedo attack by Soviet ss Shch 317.

23 Sep, 1941: Participated with Baltic Fleet in movement to Aaland Sea to block possible Soviet breakout attempt. Leipzig and Emden sailed from Libau as the Southern Force in this movement.

29 Sep, 1941: Returned to Gotenhafen.

1942-1943: Training ship in Baltic

1944: Torpedo tubes removed, anti air augmented to 4x40mm/70 (4x1) and 16x20mmC38

15 Oct, 1944: Sailing out of Gotenhafen and in process of changing engine propulsion from diesel to turbines, drifted in fog into wrong shipping lane; rammed by Prinz Eugen moving at 20 knots off Gdynia and almost cut in two. The two ships remained locked together for 14 hours.

25 Mar, 1945: Provisionally repaired, participated in shore bombardment in support of German ground forces in Gotenhafen-Danzig area.

May, 1945: In Danish waters when war ended.

1945-46: Served as accommodation ship for German minesweeping authority

16 Dec, 1946: Scuttled in North Sea filled with gas shells.


Displacement, standard/full load (tons): 6,520/8,380
Length, oa, wl: 181/170m
Beam/draught: 16.4/5.7m
Machinery: 3 shafts, geared turbines, 8 boilers, 60,000shp, 31 knots, 4 diesels, 12,400bhp, 32 knots.
Max Armor, Belt/deck/turrets/CT: 50/40/32/102mm
Main Battery: 9x150mm/60 C28 (5.9")
Anti Air Battery: 2x88/45, 8x37/83 C30, (3.46", 1.45")
Torpedo: 12x500mm (4x3) (19.7")
Aircraft: 2
Crew: 850