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Leicht Kreuzer Konigsberg

WW2 German Konigsberg Light Cruiser Photo
Konigsberg at dock pre-1939 w/ another Light Cruiser, possibly Koln


  • 12 Apr 26: Laid down
  • 26 Mar 27: Launched
  • 17 Apr 29: Commissioned
  • 1934: Torpedoes converted to 533mm. Used extensively as cadet training ship and made several world cruises in that role.
  • 31 Aug 39: Operating off the Polish coast, encountered two Polish destroyers withdrawing to Britain.
  • 03-20 Sep 39: Participated in laying of Westwall mine barrage in North Sea with Nurnberg, Koln, Leipzig and Emden, 16xDD 10xTB & 3xML
  • 12-13 Nov 39: Konigsberg and Nurnberg with 4xTB met 4xDD returning from offensive mining operation off the Thames and escorted them back to port.
  • 1940: 88mm battery augmented to 4 twin mounts.
  • 07 Apr 40: Konigsberg with Koln, Bremse and 2xTB formed Group 3 for the invasion of Norway. Their objective was Bergen.
  • 09 Apr 40: Damaged by shore batteries during landing operation and retained at Bergen for local defense.
  • 10 Apr 40: Konigsberg is sunk at Bergen by Skua divebombers of 800 and 803 Squdron FAA; three direct hits and several near misses from 500lb bombs earned her the distinction of being the first major warship to be sunk by air attack.
  • 1943: The wreak is raised and scraped in situ after the hull capsized on 22 Sep 44.

Photo onboard the Konigsberg looking down upon the 2 rear turrets of the ship. Also in view is the directors position closest to the camera, and an 88mm anti-aircraft turret between the two main turrets. Notice that the sailors aren't wearing the eagle and swastika insignia on their uniforms, and that the flag flying from the rear of the ship is the Reichsmarine Flag. Both these factors indicate that this photo was taken prior to 1935. Also note the group of sailors below the rear main turret closest to the camera. Although unreadable in this image, the sailors closest to the camera are both wearing cap tallies that say "Konigsberg", the name of the ship they are serving on, a tradition used in both the pre-1935 navy and in the Kriegsmarine until WWII began in 1939. Also evident is the distinct wake trailing in a wide arc behind the rear of the ship.

Displacement, standard/full load (tons): 6,650/8,130
Length, oa, wl: 174/169m
Beam/draught: 15.3/5.56m
Machinery: 2 shafts, geared turbines, 6 boilers, 65,000shp, 32 knots, 2 diesels,
1,800bhp, 10 knots, diesels only
Max Armor, Belt/deck/turrets/CT: 63/38/32/102mm
Main Battery: 9x150mm/60 C28 (5.9")
Anti Air Battery: 2x88/45, 8x37/83 C30, 4x20mm C30 (3.46", 1.45")
Torpedo: 12x500mm (4x3) (19.7")
Aircraft: 2
Crew: 850