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Flotten-Kriegsabzeichen / Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge

Date Instituted

April 30th, 1941

Awarded To:

Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine for service on ships of the High Seas Fleet - mainly the Battleships and Cruisers, but also those ships that supported them operationally for which there was no other award given.

Required Qualifications:

  • Proof of distinction and good conduct, and
  • Active duty on 1 or more 12 week cruises, or
  • Individual was wounded at sea, or
  • Outstanding achievements in an engagement, or
  • Individual was KIA while at sea, or
  • Individuals ship was sunk in action, or
  • For participation in "Rawalpindi" or "Jan Mayen"

First Awarded:

Currently unknown.

Number Awarded:

Currently unknown.


This badge was awarded exclusively in one version, the version shown, although it appears a higher grade existed consisting of the same design but with a set of 14 diamonds in the branches of the swastika at the top in place of the normal swastika. No record exists of such a version being awarded.

Method of Wear:

Worn on the lower part of the left brest pocket of the naval service tunic, underneath the Iron Cross Ist Class if awarded, or equivalent grade award.


Although the award was instituted in April of 1941, it could be awarded for actions that took place prior to this date. Also, the award was designed primarily to highlight the epic struggle against the British at sea.
Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge
Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge