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Abzeichen Für Blockadebrecher / Kriegsmarine Badge for Blockade Runners

Date Instituted:

April 1st, 1941

Awarded To:

Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine or Handlesmarine for service on warships or merchant vessels that attempted to breakthrough the British sea blockade of Germany.

Required Qualifications:

  • Distinction and good conduct, and
  • Run a blockade and dock in a German port, or
  • Service on a ship lost to enemy action, or
  • To be wounded during an action at sea, or
  • Scuttle a ship to avoid its capture, or
  • For sinking an enemy ship in action, or
  • Otherwise prevent the taking a German ship.

First Awarded:

July 1st, 1941

Number Awarded:

Currently unknown.


This badge was awarded exclusively in one version, the version shown, although a smaller half-size version was awarded for use by civilians and members of the merchant marine.

Method of Wear:

Worn on the lower part of the left brest, under the Iron Cross Ist Class if issued. Civilians and merchant men wore a half-size lapel version.


This award could be presented to individuals on ships allied to Germany following the above guidelines as well.
Kriegsmarine Badge for Blockade Runners
Kriegsmarine Badge for Blockade Runners