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Cholmschild / Cholm Shield

Date Instituted:

July 1st, 1942

Awarded To:

Officers and men of the Heer, Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS that participated in the defense of besieged Fortress Cholm.

Required Qualifications:

  • Participation in the ground defense of besieged Fortress Cholm or in the air resupply and rescue operations of the city between January 21st, 1942 to May 5th, 1942.

First Awarded:

Currently unknown

Number Awarded:



This shield was awarded in only one version, the version shown.

Method of Wear:

The Cholm Shield was worn on the upper left sleeve of the service, walking-out dress and guard uniforms of the respective arm of service of the individual. It was attached to the uniform using the cloth backing issued with each shield, but if the cloth backing was missing or not issued, it was attached to the upper left sleeve by a set of four prongs on the back of the shield. If a second shield was awarded to an individual, both shields could be worn, one above another seperated by 5mm of space.
WW2 German Cholm Shield
The Cholm Shield