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4th Gebirgsjager Division

History and Campaigns:

Formed: October 23rd, 1940
Mobilized: April, 1941(?)
Wehrkries: V
Home Station: Heuberg
Division composed of:
  • 1,2,3 Abteilung, 13th Gebirgsjager Regiment
  • 1,2,3 Abteilung, 91st Gebirgsjager Regiment
  • 1,2,3,4 Abteilung, 94th Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment
  • 94th Panzerjager Company
  • 94th Gebirgs Pioneer Company
  • 94th Reconnaissance Abteilung
  • 94th Signals Abteilung
  • 94th Divisional support units
The 4th Gebirgsjager Division was formed in October of 1940 in the 2nd attempt to do so. The first time the Division was formed it gathered the 142nd and 143rd Gebirgsjager Regiments and an artillery Abteilung, but they were stood down after the Campaign in France ended. In October, 1940 the Division was formed again using the 13th Infantry Regiment from the reorganizing 25th Infantry Division and the 91st Infantry Regiment from the reorganizing 27th Infantry Division. The artillery unit of the 4th Gebirgsjager Division came from the artillery formations of the 25th and 27th Divisions.

The Division trained as a Gebirgsjager Division until March, 1941 when the Division was moved to Bulgaria to take part in the Invasion of Yugoslavia. After operations in Yugoslavia, the Division took part in operations in the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union, taking part in actions at Uman and Mius. The Division stayed in the Mius area until July, 1942 when the it, along with the 1st Gebirgsjager, took part in operations in the Caucasus region of Southern Russia. When the campaign in the Caucasus region failed, the Division moved into the Crimea. After a long period of service on the Eastern Front, in 1944 the Division was pushed into Hungary, and then into Slovakia where it fought the Soviets in the Tatra Mountains in January, 1945. The Division surrendered to the Soviets in May, 1945.

Fate: Surrendered to the Soviets in May, 1945.

Schematische Kriegsgliederung:

(A detailed offical listing of the divisions locations)

Date Corps Army Army Group Area
10.40 forming Wehrkreis V - Heuberg
11.40 - 1.41 XVIII 2. Armee C Heuberg
2.41 - 3.41 LV 2. Armee C Heuberg
4.41 reserve 12. Armee - Bulgaria
5.41 - 6.41 XI 2. Armee - Yugoslavia, Belgrade
7.41 - 9.41 XXXXIX 17. Armee Süd Vinnitsa, Uman, Dnjepr
10.41 XXXXIX 11. Armee Süd Mius
11.41 - 5.42 XXXXIX 1. Pz. Armee Süd Mius
6.42 - 7.42 XXXXIX 17. Armee Süd Mius
8.42 - 12.42 XXXXIX 17. Armee A Rostov, Caucasus
1.43 - 3.43 XXXXIX 17. Armee A Caucasus
4.43 - 9.43 V 17. Armee A Novorossiysk, Kuban
10.43 XXXXIV 17. Armee A Crimea
11.43 - 12.43 XXXXIX 6. Armee A Cherson
1.44 XXXXIV 3. rumänische Armee A Kirovograd, Uman
2.44 XXXXVII 1. Pz. Armee A Kirovograd, Uman
3.44 VII 8. Armee A Jassy
4.44 LII 6. Armee Südukraine Kishinev
5.44 XXXX 6. Armee Südukraine Kishinev
6.44 - 7.44 LII 6. Armee Südukraine Kishinev
8.44 LVII 8. Armee Südukraine North Carpathia
9.44 LVII 6. Armee Südukraine Siebenbürgen
10.44 XXIX 8. Armee Süd Carpathia
11.44 reserve 8. Armee Süd Hungary
12.44 V. ungarische Korps 8. Armee Süd Hungary
1.45 XVII 1. Pz. Armee Süd Slovakia, Tatra
2.45 - 3.45 XXXXIX 1. Pz. Armee Mitte Oberschlesien
4.45 LIX 1. Pz. Armee Mitte Troppau
5.45 XXXXIX 1. Pz. Armee Mitte Olmütz