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The 2.Marine-Infanterie-Division was ordered formed in February 1945. It began formation in March 1945 in Schleswig-Holstein (Glückstadt and Itzehoe). The Division reached operational readiness on 4.02.45. On 4.04.45, the Division took part in defensive movements in the region of Cloppenburg, Bersenbrueck, Nienburg, Verden, Scharmstadt, Walsrode, Visselhoevede, and the Wesser and Aller River. On 4.12.45, the Division was near Celle and Braunschweig where it took part in operations against the British.

On 4.15.45, the Division took part in disengagement operations near Cloppenburg, Walsrode, Verden and Bremen. On 4.20.45, the Division was located in the region of Bremen where it took part in further defensive operations. On 4.23.45, the Division was near Cuxhaven. On 4.29.45, the Divsion was crossing the Weser River.

On 5.01.45, the Division was near Albersdorf, Hemmingstedt, and Schleswig-Holstein where it was withdrawing. On 5.06.45, the Division was in the region of Schleswig-Holstein, where it was captured by the British.


General Composition
Marine-Grenadier-Regiment 5
Marine-Grenadier-Regiment 6
Marine-Grenadier-Regiment 7
Marine-Füsilier-Bataillon 2 (formed 3.45)
Marine-Artillerie-Regiment 2*
Marine-Panzjäger-Abteilung 2 (formed 3.45)
Marine-Pionier-Bataillon 2 (formed 3.45)
Marine-Nachrichten-Abteilung 2 (formed 3.45)
Marine-Feldersatz-Bataillon 2 (formed 3.45)
Marine-Versorgungs-Regiment 200 (with units 200 - 203)

*Formed 3.45 with 4 battalions (I. - III. leichte, IV. schwere).

Replacement troops for this division were provided by the Marine-Infanterie-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Bataillon 2 in Glückstadt.


Vizeadmiral Ernst Scheurlen 2.11.45 - 4.08.45
Oberst Graf von Bassewitz (Heer) 4.08.45 - 5.08.45

War Service

Date Corps Army Army Group Area
4.45 Korps Ems Armee Blumentritt Heeresgruppe Nordwest ??