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This unit, the only Skijäger-Division in the German Wehrmacht, was formed on June 2nd, 1944, from the 1.Skijäger-Brigade. The 1.Skijäger-Division was located along the central sector of the Eastern Front when it was formed, and it fought with Armeegruppe "Mitte" for the first months of its existance.

After the crushing Soviet Summer Offensive of June 22nd, 1944, the division took part in actions along the central sector of the Eastern Front from June until October of 1944, engaged in desperate defensive battles during the retreat to the Vistula River. The 1.Skijäger-Division was then moved into the region Slovakia, and later was moved north into the area of southern Poland, where it once again fought along the Eastern Front. It was once again moved south into the region of Czechoslovakia late in the war where it surrenderd to the Soviets in May, 1945.


General Compostion
Skijäger-Regiment 1
Skijäger-Regiment 2
Artillerie-Regiment 152
Panzerjäger-Abteilung 152
Ski-Füsilier-Abteilung 1
schwere-Ski-Abteilung 1
Ski-Pionier-Abteilung 85
152nd Divisional Support Units


Generalmajor Martin Berg 6.05.44 - 10.02.44
Generalleutnant Gustav Hundt 10.02.44 - 1.??.45
Generalmajor Hans Steets 1.??.45 - 2.01.45
Generalleutnant Gustav Hundt 2.01.45 - 5.08.45