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Research on the German Armed Forces 1918-1945

About the webmaster of Feldgrau

Welcome to Feldgrau.com, a place for serious research on the German armed forces 1918-1945.

My name is Jason Pipes and I've been working on this website since 1995. I've been researching German military history for over 12 years. My interest in military history has spanned most of my life and stems from a long line of Pipes ancestors and relatives* that have served honorably in the US military since before the formation of the United States. My relationship with my fiancée brings another level of connection to military service as both her Grandfathers served with the Axis in World War II and her Great Grandfather fought in Russia during World War I.

Feldgrau.com originally began as a result of my research through the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and has since grown into a massive undertaking spanning thousands of pages. I now conduct independent research partly through Stanford University, The Hoover Institute and the University of California at Berkeley. Currently my research archives consist of approximately 1500 books, over 4000 pages of document and nearly 2500 original unpublished period photographs. It is from these materials and sources that I draw much of the information for use on Feldgrau.

As an extension of the research I conduct for this website I am a member of Kameradenkreis der Gebirgstruppe e.V., Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V., and Deutscher Marinebund e.V.. I'm also member of the National Society of Sons of the American Revolution, The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, The Morgan's Men Association, The German Philatelic Society, The Third Reich Study Group, The American Philatelic Society, and The Western Philatelic Library Association.

Besides the work I'm currently doing to complete this site I'm also in the process of authoring an extensive unit history of the 5.Gebirgs-Division. For a period of one year I served as the editor of the quarterly military history journal Axis Europa. I have also assisted with numerous TV documentaries and have helped with the publication of various articles and books on WWII. Feldgrau.com has been reviewed in numerous online and in print resources and most recently was rated as one of the top 100 WWII websites in the world.

Aside from military history research I also enjoy collecting stamps, studying war and strategy boardgames, driving and tinkering with exotic sports cars, watching F1 racing, hiking and camping in the Nevada desert, mushroom hunting, astronomy, and CQB training.

* My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Pipes Jr. fought in the American Revolutionary War as a Captain with the Morris County Militia, 4th Regiment, New Jersey Continental Line. My Great, Great Grandfather Obediah Brumfield Pipes fought in the American Civil War with the Confederates under General John Hunt Morgan as a Private in Company I, 7th Kentucky Cavalry, otherwise known as Morgan's Raiders. My Great, Great Uncle Captain James Milton Pipes fought in the American Civil War with Company A, 140th Pennsylvania Infantry and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. If any of this interests you be please take a look at Pipesfamily.com which is dedicated largely to the military history of my family and the Pipes surname.