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December 24th, 2009

We've made substantial progress on updating Feldgrau.net which is now fully operational. In fact it was only down a for less than a weekend. The online forum now has a new look, a fantastic new header, new search features, new functionalities, and should perform faster and better than ever.

We have also made substantial progress on fixing the scripting errors that have been occuring on Feldgrau.com. The random article and unit history sections on the main page now function properly.

We are still making progress on fixing the Knights Cross holder and German officer databases and hope to have them back up soon.

This Christmas holiday take time to read about The Stalingrad Madonna.

Thank you for your interest in military history and for supporting Feldgrau.com and Feldgrau.net this year and over the many years we've been online. We look forward to a bright and exciting New Year filled with updates and interesting new developments.

Fröhliche Weihnachten!!!

December 10th, 2009

The main page has been updated; the random unit history and historical article pointers have been fully restored.

Udates to the online forum are being completed, including added security features and improved search functions.

Two new unit histories will be available this week.

The database issues causing certain data and searches to come back empty is being resolved and should be fixed ASAP. This will resolve the problem with the Knights Cross Holders and Officer databases. Once the databases are fixed extensive updates will be uploaded adding numerous new entires.

All of 2008

Hundreds of updates have been made during the course of the year and a extensive list of all updates will be made available with links very soon.

March, 2008

Feldgrau.com and Feldgrau.net have a new server! After many months of searching for a new server and implementing a transfer everything is now up and running on a much faster, much bigger, and much better web server. You should see much faster response times and much better performance when using the site.

August 27th, 2007

Feldgrau has teamed up with professional National Archives researcher Matt Abicht who is helping to digitally transform thousands of large format, original, WWII German operational maps. In conjunction with Matt we've launched a major new research section that includes dozens of new cdroms available for purchase. The purchase of these primary source cdroms will go towards directly helping support this site.

Currently available for purchase are over 20 cdroms containing over 600 WWII German operational maps that are not available anyplace else. When this project is complete it will consist of over 5000 operational maps which will provide authors, historians, collectors, researchers and anyone else interested in this period. These map cds are a critically important resource previously unavailable to all but the most serious and dedicated archivists!

WWII German Operational Map Cdroms

May 22nd, 2007

All 21 Reichsheer Infanterie-Regiment unit histories have been updated to include a complete listing of their individual unit traditions.

Our subscription page has been updated to list all of our current subscribers in order to thank them for their support of Feldgrau! We only need 14 more subscribers to meet our goal! Please consider subscribing to Feldgrau in order to help keep us online.

May 16th, 2007

The unit history of the 15.Infanterie-Division has been updated to include details on operations during the obscure French Saar offensive in 1939, the French campaign in 1940, and it's operations from 1941 until 1945.

The entire section on the Reichsheer order of battle 1921-1935 has been extensively updated. 100 new unit histories have been added detailing the obscure lineage, order of battle, and history of the pre-Wehrmacht units of the inter-war German army. Additional information will be added to these listings over time to complete them as such info becomes available. This new section is available directly from the main section on the German Reichswehr

May 15th, 2007

Feldgrau admin and author Jason Pipes has just published a new book titled "San Francisco's Treasure Island". This new book is available directly from the author signed and at a discount, in many retail book stores, and online via the publisher and other book resellers. Feldgrau online forum members can purchase copies of this new book from Pipes directly at a significant discount off the cover price.

The online forum has been updated with a number of administrative fixes to improve performance. We are still working hard on the "sessions full" error that causes the forum to shut users out throughout the day. We hope to have that problem fixed in the near future!

In addition to forum updates we've been battling hard with the legions of fake spam accounts that continue to be registered. To give you an idea of the scale of the problem of fake user registration, since starting our efforts to remove all fake accounts from the Feldgrau online forum we have deleted over 2500 accounts. Thankfully this has not all been done by hand as we designed a script to help with the leg work but the task is still monumental. The online forum is now largely free of fake user accounts but the problem will be ongoing until we are able to implement a more permanent solution. We request your continued patience in fighting these annoyances until we have in place a seamless solution to stop them altogether.

March-April, 2007

A massive effort has been launched to remove all fake users from the Feldgrau.net online forum and clean up all existing user information. The entire online world has been plagued by millions of fake user registrations and Feldgrau.net has been hit just as hard. Over the coming weeks we will be putting in place efforts to remove all fake accounts and to prevent them from registering in the first place.

January-March, 2007

Feldgrau admin and author Jason Pipes has published the first of numerous unit history articles in a major new journal of WWII German military history called "German War Machine". The first issue of this new journal is available from the publishers website.

Renewed efforts to complete the various divisional histories on the site have been launched. Updates will be posted as sections are completed.

Year of 2006

During 2006 numerous moderators were brought in to help administer the online forum. These folks are all listed in the forum itself under each forum sub section. We kindly ask that you take a second to thank them for their very hard work in making Feldgrau the best it can be and that you cooperate with their moderation efforts.

New sections have been added to the Feldgrau online forum, many having been requested by users specifically. These new sections include places to discuss the German Heer, WWI, and non-computer based wargames.

Numerous sections were updated during 2006, including the unit histories section, unit biographies, KC and commander listings, and the main sections for each branch. Many new functions were also added to the site and new site sponsors were brought in, including the publishers of a brand new magazine on the history of the German Wehrmacht during WWII!

Dec 21st, 2005

Our annual Christmas articles are now available for your reading on the main page of the site under the highlighted article section. We hope you enjoy them.

A new article has been added to the site, French Volunteers in the Wehrmacht in WWII.

In addition to the above excellent article, at least 50 new unit histories have been added, as have photos to hundreds of the officer and Knights Cross holder biographies. The details of these updated will be posted shortly.

January 30th, 2005

The main page of Feldgrau has been updated with an article on the history of the tragic sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff. This event, the worst maritime disaster in history, occured 60 years ago today.

December 13th, 2004

Feldgrau's annual featured Christmas articles have been added to the main page of the site.

All information regarding donations received in the past 2 months will be updated in the next 1-2 days! For those that have been continuing to support the site, THANK YOU!

As holiday vacation time is about to start expect some very nice updates for the site to be posted shortly!

September 24th, 2004

A detailed unit history of the 266.Infanterie-Division has been added to the site. There is very little written about this unit so hopefully this information will be useful!

September 12th, 2004

Feldgrau is back online after a period of being down due to server and url registration problems. Many of you may have experienced problems using the site or the online forum, but hopefully these problems have all been resolved as of this time.

Also to hit Feldgrau in the past 2 months or so was the complete and total loss of my hard drive on my home computer. This caused a massive loss of data that I am still attempting to recover from. Thousands of email contacts were lost, as was manuscripts, scans of hundreds of photos, documents, and much more. Thankfully the site itself was not impacted by this, but my research efforts at home most certainly were. One other critical area that this has impacted was the creation and mailing of Feldgrau cdroms ordered via the site. Since I lost all the data on who ordered cdroms recently as well as the raw data used to create the cdroms in the first place I was left in quite a lurch! If you ordered a cdrom in the past few months and have not received it, this is why! I now once again have access to everyone that has ordered a cdrom and am going through the process of creating and shipping them.

Looking to the future as we near the 10 year anniversary of being online I plan to pump new life into the site with a redesign of certain areas, finish many sections once and for all, and add many new forum moderators to the online forum to help with the day-to-day operations of the message board.

In closing for now, if you have tried to contact me in the past few months and have not heard back it was likely because of the multiple computer and website problems I've been dealing with.

December 9th, 2003

In our annual tradition we've added two excellent Christmas articles to the main page of the site.

Kriegsweihnachten: Reflections on Christmas during WWII and The Stalingrad Madonna.

To further help celebrate Christmas AND help support Feldgrau we've reduced the cost of all of our research cdroms! Take advantage of these lower prices from now until December 25th.

The Armeeoberkommando unit histories are nearly complete! So far Armeeoberkommando 1 through Armeeoberkommando 18 are available in full detail, including a massively detailed calendar of battles and engagements listing for each, unavailable anyplace else in the English Language!!

Thanks to information provided by the son of Knights Cross holder Walter Nass, we've updated the information on him available in the massive Knights Cross Holder database.

November 16th, 2003

Well, it's been a LONG time since the last update, and for that I dearly apologize. That is not to say that there haven't been many updates to the site, only that I haven't been very diligent in letting everyone know about them. Counter productive, indeed.

In the time since our last update the following unit history sections have been added or have been heavily updated. The unit histories in these sections contain hundreds and hundreds of divisional unit histories with at least an entry (and not a missing page) for every known unit of that particular type. Every unit listed within these pages contains at least a complete list of Knights Cross holders, all known unit emblems used, and a complete war service record listing where the unit fought and under what command structure. The unit emblems have largely been provided by Christoph Awender, and a considerable amount of research in the form of divisional war service data has been provided by Ron Klages. Thanks to the efforts of Ron and myself you won't find another source in English that lists complete war service data for every division in the German army! Many other units contain much, much more information than these three areas, but nearly all contain _at least_ these three areas. Any units that do not contain at least these three areas means those areas didn't apply to the unit in question. Many units also contain a bibliographic listing of books related to the unit as well. The additional sections each unit template contains will be filled in during the coming weeks and months. If you spot errors or can provide additional details or complete histories please contact me ASAP!

Infanterie-Divisionen (mot)

The following excellent campaign article has been added, thanks to the excellent research of noted historian Victor Nitu.

Manstein’s Romanians in the Crimea

The massive database of over 7000 Knights Cross holders continues to grow! Besides a new and improved layout for each of the 7000+ listings, over 64 new photographs have been added to the database and the following detailed biographies have been heavily updated:

Gerhard Tuerke
Dietrich Steinhardt
Josef Stolz

On other fronts, the main page has been updated and tweaked, the about me section has been heavily updated, additional highlight articles have been added to the main page along with additional highlight unit histories, and new book dealer sponsors have been added (and sadly a few removed as their businesses went under).

As for what to look forward to next, I'm continuing to work with Ron Klages to add additional information to the divisional histories and to add completely new unit histories for all German AOK (Armee units). An example of the kind of detail soon to be found in all the new AOK unit histories can be seen in this sample (this example is not formatted and will look different when included in a final version on the site): AOK 16

September 18th, 2002

Two new sections have been added to Feldgrau, a near complete listing of Knights Cross Holders A-Z and a listing of German Heer Officers A-Z. The KC Holder listing contains 7276 individual biographies and the German Heer Officer listing contains 2329 individual biographies. That amounts to nearly 10,000 new individual pages added to the site! You can access these listings by typing in just a first name, just a last name or the first and last name together for an individual you want to read about. You can also access the various biographies by choosing one of the many direct links, either by branch or by letter of the alphabet. If you have other suggestions on how you would like to acess these listings please let us know so we can list them as well!

In the coming weeks and months we will continue to expand these new sections by adding additional information, missing individuals, photos, etc. If you have updates, additions, corrections, or photos to add to these massive listings please let us know so that we can get them online ASAP!

The launch of these two new sections brings to a close our year long attempt to intergrate a database system on Feldgrau. Now that we have been hugely successful we will be moving all of the remaining information on the site to our new system. We will be focusing on the unit histories next in a process that will take some time but will result in thousands of new histories becoming accessible as well.

In addition to these two new sections we have also launched a new unit history bibliographic listing containing 344 titles published between WWII and today. Most of these titles listed are in German but they cover hundreds of different units in great detail. If you're looking for indepth information on a particular unit one of your first steps should be to find out what's already been written on the unit. This listing will help by telling you all the know works published so far.

We've also added a new page where you can purchase the various Feldgrau cdroms. Check them out and consider making a purchase to help support the site!

September 5th, 2002

One of the main reasons there has been a lack of updates this summer is because we've been working very hard behind the scenes to finish a major new advance for Feldgrau. We're almost finished moving Feldgrau over to a new database driven site! Almost everything here will remain the same although when completed there will literally be thousands of new listings on the site. The much anticpated and talked about database of nearly 3,000 officers and over 7,000 Knights Cross holders is now finished and online and only waiting some final tweaks before offically being released. Next in line will be the many unit histories. What does this mean for you the reader now that most of the site will be moved over to a database? It means thousands of new pages will be coming online shortly and that I'll be able to focus my time on actual research and not on html, creating pages, and managing what now is an almost impossible mire of files. Under our current situation there are about 3,000 files I have to wade through to make changes, institute updates, etc. Moving to a database driven site will allow almost everything on Feldgrau to reside in various database tables and for the information contained within to be dynamically pulled and displayed without the need for thousands of individual files. In this way 500 seperate unit history HTML files will now become one large database - although the end result, the display of the unit history page, won't change at all! And changes that are desired to the layout and display of info for vast sections of the site (all of the unit histories for example) will now take 10 minutes to intergrate instead of 10 weeks. Accessing information will also become much faster and easier. Needless to say it has taken a very long time to get to this point but we've overcome some of the final issues and are now simply transfering information from Feldgrau into the new system. We'll keep everyone updated as we get close to finishing!

In the meantime, we have the following updates to annouce.

The listing of current news has been heavily updated to include news stories from as recent as today.

The Glossary has been heavily updated and expanded to include many additional terms. More information will be added to the glossary in the next few updates as well.

The much asked for Feldgrau.com search function is now back online and ready for use. This feature will search 1752 files of varying sizes within Feldgrau

The donation page has been heavily updated to better present donation and subscription information as well as our current donation status. I've also added a popup window to the online forums message posting sections to help remind users that we need your help! We've been running a little short of our monthly goal the past few months so any help you can provide will significantly aid the site! I'm still out of work and fronting the majority of the site costs out of pocket.

The main page of the site has been revamped. Included in the changes is a new random unit history that will appear every time you visit and a new very important banner for Angelray Books. Angelray Books is one of our best supporters, please be sure to support them in kind. Besides supporting Feldgrau they have an excellent site and a great selection of new and used WWII German related books.

Lastly for now we've also received a few excellent articles that we will be posting to the site with the next . If you have articles that you would like to post as well please contact me!

June 12th, 2002

Things are moving along nicely now that we have our own dedicated server. We've been able to bring back many features that we were forced to disable on the old server and we're also are preparing to launch new features now as well. We do need your continued support though, we're not kidding when we say it costs 400 USD a month to host this site! Be sure to check out the donation page and consider helping out if you can!

Speaking of donations, we have a new winner for the subscriber contest! Walter Godinho is our new winner! Walter has his choice of $100 off of a purchase of $200 in goods from any listing for sale posted by the webmaster, an original collection of at least 50 wartime German military related photos. or 100 pages of free copies of any documents found in Feldgrau's massive historical archive, including unit war diaries, after action reports, hard to find magazine articles, original maps, and much more.

We've been able to return the navigation links to the bottom of each page. This should help in your travels though the site.

Another much loved feature that has been brought back now that we're on a dedicated server is the book search. This feature allows you to try and find books for purchase from a select group of military book dealers that have made special arrangements with Feldgrau to provide access to their vast collections. If you're looking for a particular title to buy online, use this feature to try and find it first!

We've totally updated the design and layout of four of the main sections of the site, and are working on finishing the others shortly. The German Army 1919-1935, Heer, Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine sections have all been heavily redesigned to give you a somewhat detailed overview of that particular subject or branch and to present related links and information in a much better way than previously.

The Heer section of the site now includes a detailed biographical listing of German unit histories available for most all divisional units. It currently only includes German language works but will soon also include other languages as well. The other main sections of the site will also have biographical unit history listings shortly.

The layout of the main page of the site has been updated.

The listing of book dealers that support this site has been updated to cascade alphabetically.

The donation page and the benefactors page have been joined into one single, joint page for ease of use and reading.

The site search engine will be relaunched very shortly.

And lastly for now, we're getting ready to launch the first of our new dynamically driven database sections! The first database section will encompass over 2000 individual biographical officer listings. The second database section will include biographical entries for all 7361 holders of the intial grade of the Knights Cross. Thereafter, we will begin to launch entire sections of unit histories to fill in huge gaps that currently exist on the site. We are slowly but surely reaching our goal of total unit history coverage by 2005!

May 17th, 2002

We have a number of updates to let you know about with the site...

Quickly, we are drawing another name for the subscriber drawing of last month as the winner has not responded to us at all! We'll be drawing another name very shortly and will post the winner to the online forum. All voluntary subcribers will be eligible for the drawing.

As many of you are aware, Feldgrau.com and .net have been moved over to our new dedicated server. We are still in the process of ironing out some bugs and fixing some minor issues, as well as setting up the remaining three online forums (commerical, soldatenheim and siteadmin) and hope to have everything back online and working properly very shortly.

Since my fathers heart attack on May 6th I've been unable to work on things as much as I had hoped, and it occured exactly at the time that I was transfering over the site from our old web host to our new dedicated server. This caused a great deal of confusion as the forums were down, some links didn't work and my email address was out of commission for about a week. Since the 6th we've been able to get the research forum back online and the vast majority of the main .com sections as well.

As stated many times before as well, now that we are on a dedicated server we will begin to launch numerous database driven sections that will contain thousands of biographical and unit related listings. Updates and new sections will be launched on a much more regular basis also.

We currently have 15 voluntary subscribers and have received only a few donations since our big push back in April. Please remember, we need at least 400 USD a month to stay online, the cost of our dedicated server is 400 a month. We'll be updating the current status of donations and subscriptions ASAP.

April 29th, 2002

Fritz Wackernagel is the winner of the voluntary subscriber drawing! We still need a lot more subscibers though to stay on target. We've already paid off the debts owed to our current server (400+ USD) and have signed up for our new dedicated server (another 400 USD, per month) so we really need those donations and subscritpions to come in! Congratulations to Fritz!

As mentioned above we've paid for our new dedicated server which will cost 400 USD a month for the next year. Our new dedicated server will allow us to reopen many of the sections of Feldgrau that are currently closed due to restrictions on the amount of traffic we get each month. Although we are now on target to be up on running on this new server very soon, we need your support to help cover the very high costs of doing so! Please consider making a donation or becoming a subscriber!

Again, new updates and sections of the site will be launched with the move to our new dedicated server. We plan to be up and running within the next few weeks at most. We will continue to post updates on the status of our move.

April 5th, 2002

Although we've been considering a number of options for funding our increasingly costly operations, we've decided against moving to a pay access site - Feldgrau will remain free to access for everyone! Although we'll remain free to access, it's not free for those responsible for running the site. Our monthly operating costs are going to be over $400.00 a month begining in May when Feldgrau moves to a new dedicated server hosted through a company called Hurricane Electric. Once we move to our new dedicated server, we will reopen the photo gallery, all the search functions and scripts will again work, we'll be able to expand all sections dramatically, the forum archives will become available, and all database features we've been working on will be launched. We will also be able to host other websites if there's interest! For all this to be a success though, we need donations and subscriptions to help cover our costs!

Thanks to a number of very kind individuals, Feldgrau has raised enough donations for the month of April to cover our outstanding debts for hosting the site. Moving ahead we are looking to get 40 people to become voluntary subscribers. A subscriber is someone who signs up online to give Feldgrau a set amount each month, like a subscription to a magazine or a pay site, only with Feldgrau the amount is very low and it's totally voluntary. The key is that we need 40 subscribers to stay online.

To encourage people to volunteer to subscribe we're having a contest! Every person that signs up as a voluntary subscriber between now and April 26th will be entered into a drawing to WIN their choice of one of the following items:

A. $100 off of a purchase of $200 in goods from any listing for sale posted by the webmaster.

B. or an original collection of at least 50 wartime German military related photos.

C. or 100 pages of free copies of any documents found in Feldgrau's massive historical archive, including unit war diaries, after action reports, hard to find magazine articles, original maps, and much more.

All you need to do to enter into this feldgrau drawing is to become a subscriber! On April 27th we'll randomly choose someone that has become a subscriber and announce them on the site as the winner!

All those that have donated so far and continue to donate as well will also be rewarded with a special drawing. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting Feldgrau and keeping the site online!

To subscribe or donate a one time gift you can use the links found on the main page, within each of the online forums, or by going to the donation page.

A new site admin forum has been created to provide a place to discuss the operations of Feldgrau, to make suggestions, requests, to check up on the current needs of the site, etc.

If you're interested in seeing the names of those that have donated or subscribed to the site check out the Feldgrau Heroes.

The news section has been updated with a number of news briefs from around the world. The news briefs are current up to February, more will be added soon to bring it up to date!

Lastly, the main page has been changed and will continue to go through some additional changes to make it as easy and functional to use as possible.

January 26th, 2002

Well, just like I said, it would be sometime before the site was updated again, and it's indeed been a long time! The site has been transfered to a new server and is now undergoing serious redesign, including a massive new database driven site. Our first major release will be of two significant "chunks" of information available in full, online, via this site - a list of nearly 3,000 German officers and their brief biographies, and a complete listing of all 7,000+ holders of the Knight Cross A-Z with brief biographical info as well. Each of these nearly 10,000 individauls will have their own section on the site, effectively adding 10,000 new pages to an already massive collection of historical information.

In the meantime, you may have noticed a number of sections of the site are simply not working. There are no links on the bottom of each page of the site, there is no copyright info, the associate research partner listing is gone, the quiz, poll, voting, book search and random article section are all non functioning at this time. This will be fixed very soon. In the move to the new server we had to literally redo all of the scripts on the site and some are still not working properly. We hope to have them all fixed very soon.

Lastly, we are working on the issue of a members fee for the site. At this time we may decide to keep the site 100% free and use a voluntary donation section that is more accessible to attempt to gather funds for operating the site. If that doesn't assist in gathering the required funds for operating the site, we may thereafter move to a members only site charging about 4 US dollars a month for acess - less than the cost of a cheap magazine.

Until everything is sorted out and back online, please bare with us and excuse the dust!!

October 25th, 2001

We are launching a new web site. That's right, a new website! Don't worry, everything on Feldgrau will be the same, incuding the site name, general design and the address to get here. The changes we are working on are that everything will soon be dynamically pulled from a complex series of databases. In other words, Feldgrau is moving to a database driven site.

With the invaluable research work of Alan Young, Feldgrau was provided with a German officer list consisting of nearly 3000 names. The enourmous value of this officer listing prompted us to stop all efforts at working on the site in its current form and to shift all information contained here into a series of databases.

What does this mean for everyone? It means for the next few weeks, updates will lapse back into non-existance. Sometime around the new year a brand new Feldgrau.com site will become available that will be FASTER, BIGGER, and EASIER to use. It will include actual web pages for thousands of units and thousands of individual people and officers, making the site the single largest source for info on this topic in the world. Because everything will be database driven, our space requirements will significantly drop, meaning we can have 10x as much information, and that the load time will be very fast for all users. It also means searching the site will become a TRUE tool for research. You will be able to search for all sorts of information in different ways. You will be able to search for and display all units that were commanded by a certain officer, or all units that were destroyed in a battle, or every article that mentions a specific location and date, etc. The possibilities will be endless.

Because the site will become database driven, it means I will no longer have to make html pages for every unit or article on the site. This is something that currently takes up a lot of time and space. With a database system all I will do is add//edit the actual information on the site itself, the database will do the rest, that is, it will create html web pages "on the fly". This means once the new site is up, nearly all of my time will be spent adding new research information, and that it will literally pour in. Once the new site is finished, updates will be guaranteed once a week, with at least one new unit history, possibly every few days!

The most major impact to the users of this site is that I will likely have to move to some sort of members only site. Don't worry, the "charge" will be very minor for the information and resources that you will have access to. In fact, the online forum will continue to be free for everyone, but the newly updated main site will probably "cost" users 5 dollars a month to join. In other words, a minimal charge at best.

So, please feel free to give me your comments and suggestions, and I hope you all are as excited about the upcoming new and improved Feldgrau as I am!!

October 15th, 2001

A lot has occured since the last ! Sorry that it has taken so long to finally get this posted. We certainly have a great deal of changes to let you know about.

In the coming weeks look for more frequent updates. I'll be taking some time off and will be spending a considerable amount of time finishing huge sections of the site as well as getting some works in print (see below).

The online forums have all changed tremendously. All three forums - the research forum, commercial forum and soldatenheim, are now located on our Feldgrau.net server. Feldgrau.net and Feldgrau.com are one-in-the-same for all purposes. The major consideration is that all forum material is kept on the Feldgrau.net server, while all site content is on the Feldgrau.com server. With the move to the new server, all three scripts that run the forums have been dramatically updated and upgraded to better handle the demands of their heavy daily usage. This included making the forum scripts faster and more streamlined, adding search functions that are permanent and immediate, adding better security, making user identification more specific, adding additional usability features such as form fields that stay filled in, and much, much more.

With these dramatic updates to the forums we have also finally made available in one central archive the 60,000+ messages posted to the site between 1997 and early 2001. We are still working on the messages posted during the majority of 2001, but with three plus years of postings available now, there is no lack of material to search!

To search the archived messages posted between 1997 and September 2001, you must use a special search page. This search page will only access the archived messages.

To search anything and everything posted after September 2001, you can now use the search function on each of the forum pages. Each search function only searches the messages posted for that particular forum.

In a nut shell, there are 3 search functions on this site:

  • To search messages posted between 1997 and early 2001, use this.
  • To search messages posted after September 2001, use the search function on each of the forum pages.
  • To search the entire website, minus the postings related to the forums, use this.

    Over the years we have received hundreds of requests for a complete list of Knights Cross Holders. The list previously available consisted only of those holders with names a - h, leaving 3 to 4,000 names unlisted. With the considerable and tireless work of Eric Vosselmans, we are now proud to be able to offer readers a complete listing of all Knights Cross Holders! This list was compiled for use on Feldgrau in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It must be downloaded and unzipped before using. This file can be accessed from the page on the Knights Cross.

    Also heavily updated are the first 22 Infanterie-Divisionen. Drastic updates have been made to their information, especially regarding the period from the formation of the Wehrmacht in 1934 to the start of WWII in 1939, a period almost universally forgotten by nearly every resource on the subject of German unit histories. Many of these units have had considerable information corrected as well. The 22.Infanterie-Division in particular has been updated with a tremendous amount of information on its airlanding role in the low countries in 1940, and its part in the Aegean Sea in 1943 and 1944.

    Many new articles by Arvo Vercamer have been posted to the site. To see a complete list, check out the section on contributers. Many of Arvo's excellent articles are highlighted on the main page of the site as well.

    A unique and exclusive free book search feature has been added to the site. This new feature allows you to enter a search for any book titles you are looking for. Each request is routed to a core of new, used and rare military book dealers aligned with Feldgrau.com. These dealers have holdings in the hundreds of thousands, and many are not available for search anywhere else in the world. Often times a dealer can not list all of their books online, this feature allows you to make special requests to these dealers to find whatever it is that you are looking for!

    A few new site sponsers have been added, please visit them and show your support for Feldgrau by purchasing your books and research materials through them. They in turn support this site, so please let them know you came to them from Feldgrau!

    Significant strides are being made towards self-publishing a number of upcoming titles through Feldgrau, including extensive unit and photo histories on the 5.Gebirgs-Division and 29.Infanterie-Division (mot.) based on thousands of never before published photographs. We are also working closely with the publisher of Kriegsberichter, Erich Craciun, so please be sure to check out his magazine!

    Feldgrau is considering offering merchandise! Currently in consideration are shirts, hats, mugs and stickers. Designs in consideration include a basic motif with the name of the site, Feldgrau.com, alongside the slogan, information kept secret is lost. All proceeds will go to help support the site.

    And speaking of helping the site, we recently were given a very generous donation that has allowed us to greatly expand our server space and web site capabilities! We will continue to need further support as we grow and expand our content though, so don't forget to consider making a donation to Feldgrau.com yourself whenever you can!

    Our deepest condolences have been posted to the main page of the site to show our union with all Americans and citizens of the world community that were shocked by the recent and ongoing attacks against our nation.

    The error page the appears when a file is not found has been updated to be of some use when it is invoked.

    The section on the webmaster of the site, me, has been updated with some revised information and most importantly, photos of my new and improved Land Rover!

    June 26th, 2001

    The online forum is back online after numerous massive crashes. The forum is now on a server with hundreds of megs of space available, and can be accessed directly by going to feldgrau.net, or via any of the links already on the feldgrau.com site we all know and love so well! ;-)

    Although feldgrau.net is technically on a different server with a different url, they should still be considered one-and-the-same. Also, with the online forum back I'm focusing my time on getting the 50,000+ messages in the archives available for searching. Once they are online, a massive new resource will become available like no other on the web in the form of postings from the past 4 years.

    We do need your support to help cover the costs of the new server though, so if you can help out with a donation, please contact me!

    May 10th, 2001

    The section on the Reichsarbeitdienst had been heavily updated to include three new sub-sections - the ranks of the RAD, a RAD uniform gallery and a photo gallery. In time, each of the sections on auxiliary organizations will contain these 4 pages (history, ranks page, uniform page, photo gallery page). The photographs in the photo section are, as always, previously unpublished.

    An extensive article on the 1936 German Olympics, written by Arvo Vercamer with additions by myself, has been added to the site. It can be found on the main page as one of the many randomly displaying article highlights, and it can also be found in the contributers section.

    The news section has been heavily updated with many recent briefs and news stories. This section is updated whenever stories and news items are uncovered or sent my way.

    With the shocking new developments at eBay.com (read the news section mentioned above for more info), it is becoming increasingly difficult to find places to buy and sell German items from the WWII era. I'd like to point out that the commerical forum is a free place for you to post your items wanted, for trade and for sale. Although we don't currently have a fully operational auction service like eBay, you can buy and sell nearly any item with relative ease, and without fear of being banned for doing so. The commercial forum is also 100% free to access and post to. I highly encourage you to begin to use the commerical forum to replace the services eBay once offered to collectors and historians - namely the chance to access items sold the world over by thousands of people we otherwise would never have access to.

    May 2nd, 2001

    This has been a long time coming, and for that I ask for you forgiveness! A lot has been added to the site since the last udpate, and this brief listing will attempt to cover the most important additions over the last 5 months. In the future, updates will not be so far and few between!

    The following unit histories have been added to the site:

    Grenadier-Regiment 980


    In the newly added Heeresgruppen section:

    Heeresgruppe Süd (1)
    Heeresgruppe A (1)
    Heeresgruppe Süd (2)
    Heeresgruppe A (2)
    Heeresgruppe B (2)
    Heeresgruppe Don
    Heeresgruppe Süd (3)

    The history of the 357.Infanterie-Division, a late war unit of little reknown, is the most detailed currently available in English. The histories of the various Heeresgruppen are the first of many to be added in a new effort to complete the many gaps on the site. We're starting with the highest level units and working down the organizational chain. This means hundreds of new unit histories will be added in the next few months, starting with the remaining Heeresgruppen and working towards the various Armies, Korps, and thereafter, Divisions.

    A large grouping of wartime drawings have been added to the main page which randomly display when the page is loaded.

    A random article function has been added to the main page, meaning each time the page is loaded a new article is presented from an ever growing list of article submissions. This function should present visiters to the site with a unique layout every visit.

    A new interactive section of the site has been added to the main page, the Research Contributers to FeldGrau.com which allows readers to submit articles and unit histories directly to the site for publication. Many new articles have already been received and they will all be added and listed here shortly.

    The following article has been added to the site as well German Military Mission to China 1927-1938

    An entire new forum has been added to the site, the Soldatenheim which is a place to talk about lighter topics. New updated guidelines have also been added to each of the three main forums on the site.

    A very important new section has been added to each of the online forums, the Online Store which has many unique and one of a kind items for sale. Numerous photo and document collections have already been sold from this section, and more are added frequently. A number of books and cdroms that are "in stock" are also available for you to purchase. All purchases directly go to help support the site!

    More updates will be added listing more additions from the past 5 months, and a large number of new additions will be added soon!

    December 6th, 2000

    An extensive unit history of the 44.Infanterie-Division has been added to the site, and this unit is also now highlighted on the main page of the site.

    A new section called Nachrichten - news in brief has been added to the site. You can view this new section from the main page of the site, from the link in the upper left corner of the page. This new section will bring to the readers of this site news stories and information from around the world on topics related to WWII and the German military in particular. This section is a joint project between Erich Craciun and myself. If you have news or information to add to this section, please contact me asap or whenever you have information to provide!

    A wonderfully detailed article by Arvo Vercamer on the German Military in the Soviet Union 1918-1933 has been added to the site, currently found in the Hightlights section found on the main page of the site.

    A few more questions (3) have been added to the quiz found on the main page of the site, bringing the total number of questions to 40. We hope to have 50 questions online before the next site .

    A series of four randomly displaying images have been added to the main page of the site which will newly display each time you visit the site or fully reload the main page.

    The new search function for the recently re-added 16,151 messages in the online message forum archive has been upgraded to be more user-friendly.

    Sadly we have not been receiving many donations the past few weeks, nor have many copies of the now discounted cdrom set by David Westwood been sold. For those that have donated to the site your support has been invaluable in helping to keep this site growing - for those others who have not yet made a donation your support is still very much needed! You can now donate and buy copies of the cdrom set 100% online!

    December 3rd, 2000

    A number of additions to the site have been made since the new site was launched!

    In the Online Forum over 16,000 messages posted over the last year are now searchable in the archives. Shortly, another 10-15,000 messages will be added to this making the number of archive messages you can search well over 30,000! As new messages are added to the archives, the number listed on the forum page will increase, indicating exactly how many messages are searchable! In the past, prior to the launch of this site, there were a number of seperate forum archive pages, each with a seperate search function. In order to search all the archived messages, you had to search in six different places which was very annoying. With this new setup, you can search all archived messages from one place!

    The following unit histories have been added to the site.

    Located in Heer OOB|Artillerie Truppen|Aufklärende Artillerie is a new unit history section that lists all known observation artillery units. This section also uses a new layout which will soon be used by all unit sections of the site in which brief info and background on the units in question will be given instead of just a list of all of the units alone. All of these units in this new section are online, but so far only the following contain detailed information:

    Beobachtungs-Abteilung 1
    Beobachtungs-Abteilung 2
    Beobachtungs-Abteilung 3
    Beobachtungs-Abteilung 4
    Beobachtungs-Abteilung 5
    Beobachtungs-Abteilung 6

    Located in Heer OOB|Infanterie-Truppen|Infanterie-Einheiten|Infanterie-Divisionen are a number of new unit histories. In the ongoing saga to try and finish the divisional unit histories on this site, the following have now been added (many of these have extensive histories along with all the sections of their respective listing complete, while others still have more detailed information to be added soon):


    On the main page of the site, an article on German Christmas during the time of WWII has been added.

    If you haven't already noticed, David Westwood's amazing set of cdroms are still for sale through this site, you can purchase any or all of them by contacting me, they make the perfect holiday gift, for, well, YOURSELF! Also, for a short time, all cdroms are 20% off, so if you haven't gotten one already, now is your chance! You can also now get printed versions of David's cdrom collection! Look for details on this new item very soon. Everytime a cdrom is sold on this site, David donates a portion of the sale to help support our operations, so the more cdroms that are sold, the more support we receive!

    And speaking of support, we have added a major new function to the site that will allow you to donate your support to us using a credit card, debit card or even directly from your bank account! This service is provided by an online company known as paypal.com, simply click on the paypal donate button on the main page of the site or where ever you see it and you can donate directly to the site!

    October 5th, 2000

    WELCOME TO THE NEW SITE! There is simply so much to talk about that is new with the site that we will be posting an article to list all the new features and sections of the site. Look for this new section to be posted sometime before October 9th!

    July 17th, 2000

    I've got some exciting news for this ! The first major step in a totally new look has been achieved - a new name for the site has been created and a unique web address has finally been reserved! The new name will remain under wraps until the new look is launched, but this won't be long away! Look for more news on the new name and site very soon!

    On a more useful note, a small addition has been made to the site in the form of a link to a page that has been requested a great deal over the last many months - a page that simply lists all the Waffen-SS divisional units in one long listing, rather than solely in the way they are listed on the site now, which has them spread all over the place in the Waffen-SS oob section. To access this new listing, click on the link for Simple listing of all W-SS Divisionen at the bottom of the Waffen-SS OoB page.

    July 10th, 2000

    Well, my long journey is finally coming to an end - I am now back from Europe and from an extensive drive across the plains of Canada, over the Canadian Rockies (literally, in a Land Rover!), to the Pacific Coast and finally down to San Fransisco. Oh, the places we've seen, and the things we've done - a full article on our travels in Europe will be added to the site as soon as it is finished being written.

    This is to inform everyone of the status of the site, and the upcoming changes, versus any actual changes at this time, as I haven't had much time to make changes over the last two months since the last (although some minor changes, corrections and additions have been made but they aren't that important).

    Although I do have a lot to do until I am set in my new home, a considerable amount of changes will be added to the design and layout of the site, and thereafter, a massive effort will be launched to finish entire sections of unit histories of the various branches. During the period when changes and additions are being made to the design and layout of the site, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send them to me, as your suggestions will be very helpful in deciding upon a new look for the site.

    Over the last many months, many people have also questions the future of the site, regarding where it will live now that I am no longer in Wisconsin. The site will stay online at this specific address for at least another 6 months, and in the meantime, I will be looking for a replacement server in this region. I will also be working with the University on further research, so therefore the site will continue to exist until such time that it is ready to be transfered. Sufficient notice will be given to all regarding the future move in time to allow everyone to plan for it ahead of time!

    So, in closing, I hope everyone is enjoying summer, and I hope everyone looks forward to the changes and updates in store for the site as much as I do now that I'm back and getting back into the swing of updates. Thanks to everyone for your support over the last many months. I will get back to responding to all emails very soon as well, so if you are expecting a message, you won't have to wait much longer!

    May 5th, 2000

    The section Axis History on this Date has been updated and made current for the month of May. This section can be read from the main page of the site, the online forum, and the section on Campaigns.

    A link to a brief operational history of U571 (thanks to uboat.net) has been added to the main page of the site along the right side of the page, in an effort to present the actual history of this German sub, versus the image depicted in the latest movie release by the same name...

    Going along with the German sub theme, a new memoir has been added to the site, this time provided by John Vanzo. This exerpt is from the memoirs of Hans Goebler, a submariner on the U505. This account can be read from the main section on Veterans.

    April 25th, 2000

    Well, this has been a long time coming!! I'm truely sorry about the long and overdue nature of this . In fact, there are so many updates at this time, that I will only be posting a few of the more important ones now, and I will make a more detailed listing of the remaining updates as soon as possible.

    A detailed unit history of the 126.Infanterie-Division has been added to the site in the section on Heer divisions.

    A detailed unit history of the 250.Infanterie-Division (spanische) has been added to the site in the section on Heer divisions

    A detailed unit history of the 13.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS "Handschar" has been added to the site in the section on Waffen-SS divisions.

    The section on Auxiliary Forces has been extensively updated and expanded to better list and explain the organizations in question. Also, detailed histories have been added for the following:

    Deutsche Arbeitsfront
    Kraft durch Freude

    Also, an as of yet unfinished article by Arvo Vercamer has been added to this section on the Deutsche Reichsbahn. This extensive article will be completed very soon, check the next .

    Unit emblems have been added for nearly 200 different Infantry Divisions listed under the section on Heer order of battle.

    Unit listings for the Reichswehr have been completed under the section 1919-1935. The order of battle listings for the Reichswehr now include all known units and their organic components, including which units they were attached to. Next will be the addition of all commanders for each unit, their exact formation and transfer dates into the Wehrmacht, and an extensive listing of each units historical traditions carried from the old army.

    A new Opinion Poll has been added to the main page of the site.

    An updated and expanded article on the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff has been added to the site.

    Arvo Vercamer has come onboard as an associate researcher for the site, which is why his name is now listed on the bottom of the site on every page. If you have seen any of his tremendous postings in the online forum, you will agree that his contributions to the site will be extensive and much appreciated! Look for extenisive new articles by Arvo in the coming weeks!

    January 3rd, 2000

    Well we all survived Y2K, although some of you may have seen the rather amusing glitch it caused in the online forum! In case you missed it, all the messages posted after midnight on 12.31.99 were being posted as the year 19100, instead of as the year 2000! That small problem has been fixed and we are now Y2K compliant!!

    The online message forum messages prior to 1.02.00 have been archived.

    All the search engines for the entire site have been heavily updated and are now fully functioning and online for your use! This includes the following searches: The Online Site Search for the entire site (minus the messages in the online forum), and the individual searches for each of the online message archives - each archive of the forum has its own seperate search page. Only the most recent archive and the current online forum are lacking search pages, and they too will have one within the next week. The new search engines should process your searches within a matter of seconds, and should be a great help in accessing the thousands of pages of material on this site!

    Also added to the site is an updated and expanded unit history for the 23.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS "Kama" (kroat.Nr.2)

    The section WWII era Germany in the News has been updated with a number of new stories since 12.15.99

    December 24th, 1999

    Happy Holidays to all!!

    This will most likely be the last of the year 1999! This consists of some rather major additions to the site, as follows:

    Two entirely new section have been added to the main page of the site, a massive section on the units and oobs of all German units between 1919 and 1935, and a really neat section on current events in the news as they relate to the topic of Germany and the Second World War. The first new section listed here is still under construction, but will be largely finished within the next 12 days, in time for the next site , although it already has unit histories completed for the seven infantry divisions of the Reichsheer, as well as the two main group commands.

    As well, the text and some general layout on the main page have been updated to expand upon the new additions to the site.

    Be sure to read the special article on Kriegsweihnachten from the main page of the site!

    Lastly, your support in the form of donations is still needed, and please take some time to consider the purchase of our German oob cdrom!

    December 14th, 1999

    A very detailed new article on the units of the Österreichischen Bundesheer - the Austrian Armed Forces - upon their transfer into the German Wehrmacht, has been added to the site. This new article consists of a table listing all known Austian units at the time of the German takeover in the spring of 1938, and the respective units formed by them upon their transfer into the German Armed Forces.

    The numbers and statistics section has been heavily updated to include a wide range of new listings, including a month-by-month listing of Wehrmacht losses from nearly the entire period of WWII. Also included are a number of other very detailed numberical listings for the Wehrmacht, Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS and the general population. The heavily updated and expaned listings of German losses during all the campaigns of WWII is also of note.

    The unit history of the 715.Infanterie-Division has been added to the site within the massive section on German Infanterie-Divisionen. The section on Heer Infanterie-Divisionen has been "under construction" for a very long time, and is just now begining to take shape. Nearly all units now at least have a template (other than those numbered 1-40 that are generally speaking completed) that will be filled out to varying degrees over the next few weeks. Also added to these new pages are over 126 different unit symbols (such as the one for the above listed unit).

    The site updates previous to June 27th, 1999 have been moved to the page listings all previous updates, which is linked from the bottom of this page itself. This page lists hundreds of links to new and updated sections of the site that have been added over the years.

    Please take time to consider the Cdrom we have for sale on the site, or to make a donation to help support the work we do!

    The online forum has been cleaned up a lot, and the missing messages posted prior to September will be re-added soon. The problem with searching the online messages has still not been resolved, and for this I am very sorry.

    Your feedback is very much enjoyed, so please feel free to contact me to let me know your thoughs about the site!

    December 6th, 1999

    This is a small for now, but an none-the-less! The recently added article on Lithuanian volunteers has been expanded and a number of mistakes have been corrected. Also, new information on the Fatherland Defense Force has been added, as well as on other rare and little-known formations.

    In the works are over 300 new unit histories for all German Infantry Divisions, complete with unit symbols!

    Please be sure to check out the German OoB cdrom for sale on this site!!

    December 1st, 1999

    The main page of the site has been slightly updated. The items in the right hand column have been updated and re-ordered, along with the addition of a new article highlight on German Christmas during WWII, just in time for the holidays.

    Also added to the right hand column is a very important announcement regarding the sale of a new German OoB Cdrom that is very useful! Please check this section out as soon as possible!

    A brand new article detailing the history of Lithuanian volunteers in the German Wehrmacht has been added to the section on Foreign Volunteers.

    November 16th, 1999

    We're back!! It's been a long three months with no updates, but the storm has passed and things are once again moving forward. Many of you may recall that we almost lost the site during Summer, but thankfully we were able to avoid giving the site up and are now stronger than ever. Aside from a lack of donations for the month of November, we are doing great! We have a number of updates to announce here, so I'll get started!

    We've now reached over 300,000 visitors!!

    For starters, during the time since the last , we created a brand new online forum and disabled the old forum, only to go back to using the old forum along side the new one due to comments from a great deal of people. For now and the near future, both will continue to operate, so feel free to use which ever one you enjoy most!

    Great news! The site search is once again up and running. Not only is it up and running though, but your searches should now take about 10 seconds or less! This is done through a page indexing database, so the downside is that not every single page is indexed for searching just yet. If you try a search for something on the site and nothing comes up, it may be because certain pages have not yet been indexed. For now, a majority have, so your searches should be ok.

    A new opinion poll has been started, and the previous poll results can be accessed from it as well.

    The Bibliography is back online! It is not current though and lacks about 300 new titles which will be added in time.

    The complete list of people that have donated to the site thus far has been posted in the updated list of Site Benefactors, which can be accessed directly from the donations page of the site. Regarding donations for the month of November, we are running a little short thus far, so if you can find a way to help out, please let me know asap!

    The latest listing of WWII day-by-day has been posted in a number of places online, and as each month moves forward, so too will these sections.

    Two new massive sections listing complete statistics on AFV and artillery production during WWII have been posted online. The first section, Detailed Production Statistics on all known German AFVs ~1938-1945, has been posted in the section Introduction to WWII German Weapons and Statistics and Numbers. The second article, Detailed Production Statistics on all known German Tube-fired Weapons 1939-1945 has also been posted in the above two sections. These sections are thanks in large part to the hard work of Jason Long.

    In the secion on Awards of the Third Reich all of the pages for the various grades of the Knights Cross have been updated to include an exact breakdown by rank and branch of service every person awarded the KC for each version. Thus, the following pages have been added to the following pages:

    Knight's Cross - RK Stats
    Knight's Cross w. Oakleaves - RKE Stats
    Knight's Cross w. Oakleave, Swords - RKES Stats
    Knight's Cross w. Oakleaves, Swords, Diamonds - RKESB Stats

    August 15th, 1999

    Well, another long wait to bring you the latest updates to the site... for that I am truely sorry, but as of late, my new job has taken up a great deal of my time. This won't go on forever though, and I still plan to once more post weekly or even daily updates to the site. I can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding! Now on to the updates!

    A massive autobiography of Rudolph Salvermoser, complete with a section of very rare photographs, has been added to the site in the section on WWII German Veterans. This memoir was put together by Robert Witter with the direct help of Rudolph, and is one of the single best memoirs I have ever read. It is well over 40 pages long, and is an amazing testament to his amazing life! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting it online.

    The memoirs of Heinz Altman, also located in the section on WWII German Veterans, has also been updated with the addition of a number of excellent photos. These photos will soon be included on a seperate section complete with captions.

    Also added to the site is a nearly complete listing of German coastal batteries and units stationed in Norway during WWII. This excellent article was provided by Bjorn Jervas and should prove an invaluable source for research! It is located in a number of places online, inlcuding the sections on Heer and Kriegsmarine artillerie units, and also in the section on the German Invasion of Norway in 1940.

    The following unit histories have (finally) been added and/or heavily updated:

    Heeregruppe Afrika
    Deutsch-Italienischen Panzer-Armee

    June 27th, 1999

    After a long delay, I have added the very detailed day-by-day listing for the month of June. Other than the first half of July, this completes the day-by-day listings for all of WWII from an Axis perspective, for all dates between 1939 and 1945. Over the next many weeks, new updates and additions will be added to the already existing day-by-day listings to make them even more complete and comprehensive. As always, thanks to Gert Bruhn for his tireless work on this most important section!

    Also added to the site is a very detailed listing of WWII-era German abbreviations and their corresponding German terms. This list of abbreviations is found on the glossary section of this site.

    Many new Infanterie-Division unit histories have been added to the site. Thus far, numbers 1 though 21 have been updated and/or added to the site new. Extensive work is being done to try and complete this listing of Infanterie-Divisionen as soon as possible. The next site will contain a complete listing of what units have been updated or added specifically.

    The winners of the online fund drive have been decided! The following three people are winners - please contact me to claim your prizes as soon as possible!

    Alan Reilly
    Charles Ryan
    Michael Peters

    Lastly for now, a new and very interesting online opinion poll has been added to the main page of the site! If you haven't taken part in the current poll, please do so! You can view the results of the previous two polls as well.

    View the hundreds of updates prior to June 27th, 1999