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Unit Emblems

715.Infanterie-Division Emblem    715.Infanterie-Division Emblem    715.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


  • 715.Infanterie-Division


  • None


  • Western Front 1941-1944
  • Italian Front 1944-1945
  • Eastern Front 1945


The 715.Infanterie-Division was formed on May 8th, 1941 as an occupation unit for service in the west. It was formed from various units of the replacement army under the control of Wehrkreis V.

After formation, the 715.Infanter-Division served on security and costal defense operations in the regions of Gironde and Bayonne, and later Aix en Provence-Avignon.

In January of 1944, the unit was ordered to transfer to Italy, where it saw service along in the Nettuno Bridgehead and later took part in fighting at Campoleone, Aprilia, and Cisterna. The 715.Infanterie then took part in the retreat to the "C-Line". The division was allowed to rest and relax near Forli, while portions of the unit took part in battles along the coast south of Ravenna. After fighting in the "Green-Line" at Bendetto Pass, it took part in defensive fighting in the region of San Giovanni-Vala, in Santerno, and in the Goten positions. Later it fought at Monte Battaglia and Monte Cece. In February of 1945, the unit was once more ordered to transfer, this time to the Eastern Front. It was first sent to the region of Verona where it rested up before moving on past Prague to the area of Mahrisch Ostrau.

In operations on the Eastern Front, the division served east of Loslau and fought defensive battles at Godow and Oderberg in the region south of Ratibor. It took part in the retreat over Tropau to the region of Tabor, where the division was taken by Soviet forces.


General Composition
Infanterie-Regiment 725
Infanterie-Regiment 735
Infanterie-Regiment 774
Artillerie-Regiment 671
Füsilier-Bataillon 715
Panzerjäger-Abteilung 715
Pionier-Bataillon 715
Nachrichten-Abteiliung 715
Sanitäts-Abteilung 715
Feldersatz-Bataillon 715

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

Dates Korps Armee Armeegrupp Area
5.41 Forming in WK V BdE
6.41-1.42 LIX 7. Armee D Atlantic Coast
2.42-5.42 XXXI 7. Armee D Atlantic Coast
6.42-12.42 LXXX 1. Armee D Atlantic Coast
1.43-4.43 LXXXVI 1. Armee D Atlantic Coast
5.43-6.43 Reserve 1. Armee D Atlantic Coast
7.43 LXXXIII Felber D southern France
8.43-9.43 Reserve Felber D southern France
10.43-11.43 Kniess 19. Armee D Nizza
12.43-1.44 Reserve 19. Armee D Nizza
2.44-5.44 LXXVI 14. Armee C Anzio, Nettuno
6.44-7.44 Reserve (Refurbishing) C Genua
8.44-10.44 LI 10. Armee C Rimini
11.44-1.45 LXXVI 10. Armee C Rimini
2.45 I. Fsch. 10. Armee C Rimini
3.45 in Transit C to Prag
4.45 LIX 1. Pz. Armee Mitte Oberschlesien
5.45 XI 1. Pz. Armee Mitte Tabor/Pisek


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