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The 60.Infanterie-Division was formed after the Campaign against Poland had ended. It was formed mainly from elements of Kampfgruppe Eberhardt which consisted of various SA units and organizations that had fought in the Danzig, Hela, Oxhöft, and Westerplatte area of Poland. After the Campaign had ended, Kamfgruppe Eberhardt was formed into the 60.Infanterie-Division, and was completed on January 26th, 1940 at the Gross-Born Training Grounds.

After formation and training had been completed, the 60.Infanterie-Division was posted to the Western Front along the Maginot Line near Sarrbrücken. Soon after the Campaign against the West had begun, in mid-June of 1940, the division launched its attack against the Maginot Line and then broke though, pushing its way to the area of Moselle, where it ended the Campaign against France. The division remained in France as an occupation division until the 17th of July, 1940, when the division was renamed as the 60.Infanterie-Division (mot).

Knights Cross Holders

No KC holders for this unit

War Service

Dates Korps Armee Armeegrupp Area
5.40 Reserve OKH St. Ingbert
6.40 XXIV 1. Armee C Lothringen
7.40-10.40 Reorganization BdE Groß-Born


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