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Research on the German Armed Forces 1918-1945


Organization Formed on 15 Oct 35 with two Abt. each with four Kp. and assigned to 2.Pz.Div. Mobilized with two Abt. each with two light and one med Kp. on 1 Sep 39. Regiment was transferred to 13.Pz.Div. on 28 Sep 40. III.Abt formed from renamed III./Pz.Rgt.29 on 15 May 42. III.Abt converted to Panther Abt. with four Kp. on 5 May 43. I.Abt renamed s.Pz.Abt 507 on 23 Sep 43. III.Abt renamed I.Abt on 19 Oct 43. Pz.Abt 2110 was incorporated into II.Abt in Oct 44. The regiment was wiped out on the East Front in Jan 45. I.Abt renamed I./Pz.Rgt.26 on 16 Feb 45 (How? Remnants of Abt or Rgt?). Pz.Rgt.4 was reformed with I.Abt of four Kp. and II.Abt as Pz.Gre.Btl. and renamed Pz.Rgt.FHH2 on 10 Mar 45.