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Research on the German Armed Forces 1918-1945

SS-Panzer-Regiment 2

History An organic part of the 2. SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich".
Organization Rgts.Stab and II.Abt. (two light and one med Kp.) were formed on 14 Oct 42 for SS-Div. Das Reich. I.Abt. was formed from the renamed SS-Pz.Abt.2 in Oct 42. s.Pz.Kp./ss-Pz.Rgt.2 was formed on 15 Nov 42. In Apr 43. s.Pz.Kp was renamed 2.Kp./s.Pz.Abt.Gen.Kdo.SS-Pz.Korps, but remained with the regiment as s.Pz.Kp. until Apr 44. I.Abt. was sent back to Germany to convert to Panthers on 1 May 43, and III.Abt. was formed with two T-34 and a light Kp. I.Abt. rejoined the regiment in Aug 43. On 22 Oct 43 III.Abt. was ordered disbanded.

Due to combat losses the regiment was reduced to one Abt. with one Kp. each of Pz.V, Pz.IV, and Pz.VI by orders dated 4 Dec 43. This Abt. remained in the East as part of 2.SS-Pz.Div.(Kampgruppe) while the rest of the division transferred to the West for rest and refit. On 11 Apr 44 the Kampfgruppe was ordered to rejoin the Division in the West.

On 11 Apr 44 the regiment was ordered to reorganize with two Abt. each with four Kp. The regiment was decimated in the Falaise pocket in Aug 44. I.Abt was rebuilt with four Panther Kp. and II.Abt. was rebuilt with two Pz.IV and two StuG Kp. in Nov 44.